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Undeclared Students/Students Exploring Other Majors

Change of Major
Students may apply to change their major by filling the form available in student portal (refer change of major form) along with the applicable fee. The form must be submitted to SSD for necessary processing. Change of Major is permissible only till the fourth semester subject to availability of seat in the respective major and after paying the applicable fee. The change of major is not granted as a right but will be submitted to the Dean of the respective school and VC for approval

It is advised that the change of major should be done at the freshman level. Only under mitigating circumstances, the case can be considered in the sophomore year of the study.
Step 1: Apply for the change of major through the student portal
Step 2: Student will be called for a counseling meeting including the advisor, to assess the need for change and provide necessary guidance.
Step 3: The Application will be sent to Dean of the respective school for his approval
Step 4: Upon approval, applicable fees will be debited to the student account and deadline for payment is informed
Step 5: In case of a TOC student, the same procedure as above will be applicable for any change in major; in addition, student will have to reapply for TOC for the new major.
Step 6: Student pays the amount debited to his account
Step 7: Approved application will be forwarded to registration officer for changing the major.
Step 8: The status of the application will be communicated to the student, faculty and advisor
Step 9: A new ID card, revised graduation plan and fee schedule is issued to the transferred student
Step 10: Application copy with approval status will be placed in the student File