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The Sports Department of SUC strives to promote the social, mental and physical development of every student. Sport is an integral part of SUC’s total educational process aimed at developing overall personality of individuals for healthy mind and body.

The Sports Department plans, organizes and conducts Intra-mural, Inter University/College and Corporate/Diplomat sports activities on an annual basis to develop the spirit of competition, coordination and cooperation among the youth. The Sports department is responsible for the health and safety of SUC community, manage students’ hostels and engage students in community service activities.

Sports department develops and manages Sports academy in which academies for few important sports are operated to promote the culture of Sports in UAE. 


  1. To organize and conduct year round Sports activities to develop sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership qualities as well as provide scholarship support to the students.
  2. To promote physical fitness of SUC community.
  3. To ensure the health and safety of SUC community.
  4. To maintain, manage and upgrade the Sports facilities.
  5. To maintain and manage the internal and external hostel facilities of SUC with rooms par with the number of the freshman international students.




A. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities (Billiards, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Cricket etc.)
B. Provides coaching to the students in various games such as Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Cricket and Swimming.
C. Organizes various Inter-University and Inter-School sports events.
D. Conduct activities for the corporates, govt. organizations.
E. Selects and trains teams to participate in various inter-university and intramural events.
F. Provides the health services which include first aid and medicines for minor illness.
G. Organizing Internal Sports Activities for staff and students.
H. Recruiting expert Coaches for various games.
I. Managing the ground booking.
J. Sports equipment maintenance.
K. Conducting Community Service Class and organizing visits to social organizations, for the freshman students.
L. Identifying sports persons from schools and college and recommending for Sports Scholarships.
M. Organizing Health and Safety awareness sessions.
N. Organizing First-Aid and Safety Training sessions.
O. Conducting Mock drills for Fire & Safety awareness.
P. Maintenance of Fire & Safety equipment on a regular basis.
Q. Managing the affairs of students’ internal and external hostel facilities.
R. Inspecting hostel at regular intervals to ensure smooth functioning of the hostel.
S. Support in organizing Hostel Students’ picnic.



  • Do you conduct activities for students?

    Yes. We have Sports Festival and other weekly activities for students.
  • Do you participate in Inter-University events?

    Yes. We regularly participate in various inter-university events in UAE.
  • Are there regular coaching sessions in various games?

    Yes. There are regular coaching sessions under expert coaches. You need to check the Sports Notice board or SUC website to get the coaching schedule.
  • Can I be part of SUC teams?

    Yes. You have to be a student of BBA, MBA or CCL courses not less than one year.
  • Do you have Indoor and Outdoor Sports Facilities?

    Yes. We have indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
  • Can I make use of your facilities?

    Yes. You have to be registered as SUC student to make use of the facilities.
  • Are you providing Uniforms?

    Yes. We provide two sets of uniforms/jerseys to all the team members in an academic year.
  • Are you giving Sports Scholarships?

    Yes. We are giving Sports Scholarships to outstanding sports persons, who are good in academics.
  • Is there separate timing for girls and boys for using the Gym facilities?

    Yes. Students/Staff can use this facility between 11 AM to 7 PM from Monday to Thursday and 3PM to 7PM on Fridays, wherein the days allocated to male students and male faculty/staff are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and for female students and female faculty/staff it is on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Who should I contact in the Sports Department?

    Head-Sports Department or Sports Instructor/Nurse.

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