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Prof. Naseem Abidi

Prof. Naseem

Professor, Dean – School of Business

Ext: 7010

Office: F-06

Prof. Naseem Abidi holds Master of Science in Operations Research from Aligarh Muslim University, and Master of Technology, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Future Studies and Planning from Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, India. He has an excellent academic record with university ranking and gold medal.

He has three decades of work experience in business schools and government as an educator, researcher, academic administrator, and software professional. He has teaching and research experience in leading business schools and universities in India, UK, and UAE. 


Prof. Naseem has published research papers in reputed refereed international journals and guided scholars for doctoral research work. His teaching and research interest areas include sustainability, sustainable supply chain management, operations management, research methods, economic efficiency, management science, creativity and innovation.
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