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Prof. J. Shanmugan

Dr. Ghaza

Professor, Discipline Leader-Marketing

Dr. Shanmugan Joghee holds an MBA (Marketing and Systems), Doctor of Philosophy, and GMP (IIM-A) from India. He has an excellent academic record with awards for teaching effectiveness and overall academic excellence.
Dr. Joghee has more than two decades of work experience in business schools as an educator, researcher, associate editor, and academic coordinator both in India and the UAE. He is a registered Ph.D. examiner for many reputable universities and he has presented research papers in leading international conferences including the Academy of INTERNATIONAL Business (AIB) in various countries like Austria, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Malaysia, Georgia, India, Dubai, etc. He is currently a reviewer for many international journals and delivered a keynote addresses in many institutions in India and abroad.
Dr. Shanmugan Joghee has published research papers in reputed refereed international journals and guided scholars for doctoral research work. His teaching and research interest areas include Marketing, Systems, and International Business. His research interests are branding, consumer behavior, digital marketing, marketing information, big data, entrepreneurial marketing. His papers appeared in the Journal of Brand Management (SSCI), International Journal of Sustainable Society, Soft computing, International Journal of Business Perspectives, Journal of Business Economics and Management, and European Journal of Business Management to name a few.
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