Deepest Condolences

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The whole institution is mourning to the death of our staff, Mr. Rajakumar Pillai. We don't know where to begin. For a moment,

we are lost for words. Mr. Raja, your passing is a big shock and we are deeply saddened. We can only dream of seeing you rushing in and out of the store to get coffee or water for our guests. You were a wonderful person who never failed to greet everyone you encounter in the hallway a 'good morning' or a smile that softly touches our hearts from deep within. You have served the institution all your life and for that, we are eternally grateful for your hard work and loyalty. All we can say now is THANK YOU, MR. RAJA. You will be missed enormously. We send out our love and condolences to your family and friends you have left here on earth. Rest now, Mr. Raja. It was a great journey.

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