Consulate General of India - Skyline: Up-skilling and Re-skilling of Blue-Collar Indian Workers

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The Consulate General of India in Dubai, in collaboration with Skyline University College (SUC) and Indian Association Sharjah, is organizing a program on June 8 and 9, 2021 for Indian blue-collar workers in the UAE to up-skill and re-skill them so they can acquire relevant competencies needed in today’s industries and the future.

 The program titled “Attitude and Mindset” is designed to teach 245 employees of Sharjah Indian School, mainly drivers and aaya’s (caretakers), the ways to improve attitude and behavior to ensure effectiveness on the job, and give them the techniques to improve their relationships, particularly in the workplace. SUC faculty member, Dr. Kakul Agha, is conducting the training sessions at the Sharjah Indian School Auditorium. 

Consulate General of India in Dubai and Skyline University College will be jointly conducting more “Upskilling and Reskilling” programs for Indian blue-collar workers employed in various companies based in the UAE and these programs will aim to improve various skills including technical, soft, and language skills. Through this initiative, the Consulate General of India in Dubai aims to provide career growth opportunities to the Indian blue-collar employees in UAE.

The inauguration ceremony was held at Skyline University College on 8th June 2021 which was attended by various dignitaries. 

Mr. Nitin Anand, the Vice-Chairman of SUC and the Chair of its Executive Council delivered the welcome note where he emphasized the importance of up-skilling and re-skilling of employees in whatever level or position.  

Mr. EP Johnson, President of Indian Association Sharjah, in his introductory speech, noted how the program address what society is facing now and he also emphasized how SUC has become a partner of the Indian Association Sharjah with this initiative.

H.E. Dr. Aman Puri, Consul General of India in Dubai, delivered the keynote address where he stated the importance of adapting and adjusting to the impact brought about by the pandemic; Hence, the conceptualization of up-skilling and reskilling of employees initiative.

In his vote of thanks, Prof. (Dr.) Mohammad In’airat, Vice Chancellor of Skyline University, thanked the guests and everyone who contributed to organize the program; he particularly extended his gratitude to the participants for their initiative in joining the training.

The ceremony was concluded with Mr. Anand making an announcement that Skyline University College will grant 100% scholarships to two blue-collar employees (one male and one female) each academic year.

Skyline University College has been conducting training workshops, and other activities in the communities and organizations outside the university to realize its Founder-Chairman Mr. Kamal Puri’s vision of making education an instrument of making a difference in society.

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