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The Finance Department’s prime responsibility is to ensure the financial stability and sustainability of SUC by projecting and assessing risk at regular intervals. This is achieved by implementing effective control systems, supporting & advising departments in managing their budgets and expenditures. The Finance department serves students, staff and SUC community with accuracy. Finance Department provides guidance and orientation on budgeting, accounting and financial services for the academic and administrative departments of SUC that will enable it to achieve its mission. In order to assist SUC in achieving its mission, the department develops implements, maintains and monitors department wise revenues and expenditures that ensure accountability and transparency in managing the financial resources efficiently & effectively. This system requires the department to properly account for the financial transactions in line with the planned budget. It also analyses and reports all budget information in order to help the management take appropriate decisions. The department prepares and supervises the budgetary and financial aspect of the international offices.. The physical resource facility management is another area which is managed by the department. The main responsibility is to keep the campus and the surrounding in pristine condition to allow uninterrupted services.


  1. Strategic Budgeting and Projection for the next strategic period
  2. To implement efficient cash management practices
  3. To implement market oriented Fee Structure
  4. To follow risk management policies
  5. To ensure that the correct internal & external audits are implemented.
  6. Strengthen efforts to achieve student satisfaction and service levels

Fee Collection

Fees collection policy

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Student is required to submit postdated cheques, credit card or bank transfer authorization as per the fee payment plan issued to the student at the time of the admission. The fees should be paid before 10th of the month and no exchange of cheques are allowed, however, cash payment against the cheques can be done 5 days prior to the date of the cheques. Post Dated Cheque (PDC) for next Academic Year (AY) should be submitted before commencement of final examination of the Spring Semester each AY for re-registration for next AY. Once paid the 1st installment for the next AY will be non-refundable.
  2. Enrolled students at SUC must choose one of the following payment options & finalize the arrangements with the Finance Department
      1. Post Dated Cheques (PDC) to be issued in name of: SKYLINE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LLC
      2. Full Academic year payment in Cash
  1. Students having tuition fee due will have their academic record withheld and would not be allowed to proceed the semester as well as not to register for the next semester by paying the required reregistration fees.
  2. Student will be notified for non-payment of fees will be sent to the student. The notice will specify the amount of the debt and the date at which the termination becomes effective. The student may have the choice of re-admittance provided the entire dues to the SUC is paid; SUC has the right to impose a re-registration fees which will be payable in a manner specified by SUC at that time. A re-registration fees of AED 1,000/- will be applicable in order to reactivate the student.
  3. Any change due to acceleration, SAP status, postponement, reactivation, re-registration will be notified through a revised invoice accordingly.
  4. Fee waiver/Scholarship will be adjusted from the first semester. If student cancels his admission before completion of the program, the fees will be calculated as per the original fee structure and the fee waiver/scholarship granted will be revoked and refund if applicable will be processed as per the refund policy.
  5. In the event that student would like to avail visa letter from SUC, policies pertaining to Visa letter will be applicable. Visa letter will be issued only for a period of one year upon submission of documents and including current and postdated cheques as per the fee structure.
  6. In case of cancellation of admission, the University has the right to charge the fees accrued till the date of cancellation and subsequently the bank will be informed to cease further debits.
  7. The payment of miscellaneous fee needs to be paid including tax before the services are availed.
  8. Student enrolling for repeating courses:
    1. Students enrolling for repeating courses only must pay fees for the repeating course vide cash / cheque within the semester for which the student is enrolled. Students enrolling only for repeating course in a semester will not be charged for the tuition fees for that particular semester and the student will be issued a revised invoiced with the new graduation plan upon successful progression to the next semester.
    2. Students enrolling for normal subjects and repeating course: in this case the tuition fees needs to be paid as per the invoice along with repeating course either by cash / cheque which needs to be paid within the semester for which the student is enrolled.
  9. In line with the Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017 issued on Value Added Tax (VAT) will be effective as of 1st January, 2018 


Fee structure reviews and amendments

  • The component of the fees and miscellaneous fees are subject to annual review taking into consideration various internal and external factors. Fees are reviewed taking into consideration the affordability of the students and market situations. The change in fees is ratified by the Dean and send to the Board of Governors for final approval.


Centre for continuing learning

  • Financial policies

Admission policies primarily discuss the initial amount payable for any courses managed / operated by the CPD (both IATA and Internally run courses). Considering the high cost of kits it is obligatory that the initial fees collected covers the cost of the kits. Below mentioned is the payment schedule of all IATA courses run by CPD. This payment policy evidently outlines the payment mode and clear payment instructions are to be communicated to the prospective students that Issuance of kits and attendance of classes will be possible only after completing the payment formalities.


  • CCL courses

All courses managed / operated by the CCL department will follow the below mentioned payment mode: At the time of admission- 100% of the course fees (Cash / Current dated cheque only)


  • IATA courses

At the time of admission- Registration fees along with the post dated cheques are mandatory.


  • CTH courses

At the time of admission- Registration fees should be paid and the balance payment to be paid as per the installment plan.


What is the role of Finance Department?

The Finance Department's prime responsibility is to ensure the financial stability and sustainability of SUC by projecting and assessing risk at regular intervals.