Dr. Eugin Prakash Pathrose

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Educational Background

  • Eugin earned his Ph.D. from Kings College of London in the United Kingdom
  • He received his second Ph.D. from Banasthali University, India, with specialization in Finance and Banking

Work Experience

  • Pathrose is an accounting and finance specialist with a keen research interest in IFRS, FINTECH, asset pricing, risk management, econometric modelling, asset management, valuation, corporate governance, derivatives, and emerging financial markets
  • He has extensive experience in academic governance and leadership in a transnational institutional context with a focus on quality improvement, risk-management and governance in the education sector
  • Eugin specialized in Accounting, Finance, Banking and Economics, teaching undergraduate and post graduate courses
  • He has 22 years of experience in teaching and practicing accounting & finance in the Industry with experience spread across UAE
  • He has served as a supervisor, co-supervisor, and registered guide for PhD candidates and is a member of the PhD examination panels of different Universities across the UAE, India, and the United Kingdom
  • Prior to joining Skyline, Dr. Eugin had been teaching accounting and finance courses at various accredited universities in UAE.

Certifications and other info relevant to teaching and research

  • Eugin uses a variety of teaching techniques which includes play based pedagogy (tactile/kinaesthetic style, andragogy (cognitive theories and constructivism), digital network learning and connectivism theory), research based approach and inquiry-based learning
  • Dr Eugin has published in academic journals such as King’s Journal of Financial Analytics. UK: Cogent Publication, Taylor and Francis research publication, United Kingdom., International Journal of Corporate Finance, International Journal for Scientific Research & Management, paper in Blockchain, Fintech, Innovation Technology, Financial Governance, Financial Inclusions and Applied Economics.
  • His areas of research, consulting and training include Accounting, Finance, Banking and Economics and has trained and offered consultancy for corporate clients in different countries.
  • He is a columnist and has written trend based articles for the daily newspaper.

  • Publications

    • Pathrose, E. P. A study of the benefits of business accounting with the advent of modern technology: Case of enterprise systems (ES) use in business accounting techniques (BATs).
    • Pathrose, Eugin Prakash. 2018. Qualitative analysis of Blockchain development in Real-Time Clearing and Settlement in the UAE and GCC countries. King’s Journal of Financial Analytics. UK: Cogent Publication, pp: 1408-1420.
    • Pathrose, Eugin Prakash. 2018. Fintech and The Future of Banking in emerging economies. Taylor and Francis research publication. UK: Cogent Publication, pp: 73-94.
    • Pathrose, Eugin Prakash. 2019. Fintech and Financial Services: Innovation and Technology and the Implications for Regulation globally. King’s Journal of Financial Analytics. UK: Cogent Publication, pp: 17-38.
    • Pathrose, Eugin Prakash. 2019. A Digital Revolution: Fintech and Financial Governance in Middle East. International Journal of Corporate Finance. Cogent  Publication, IJSER  pp: 203-214.
    • Pathrose, Eugin Prakash. 2019. Blockchain and Corporate banking: Bridging the connection. Journal of Corporate Finance. International Journal of Corporate Finance.  Cogent  Publication, IJSER  ,  pp: 95- 107.
    • Pathrose, Eugin Prakash. 2019. Blockchain Governance in UAE banking industry.  Journal of Corporate Finance. International Journal of Corporate Finance.  Cogent  Publication, IJSER  ,  pp: 222- 234.
    • Eugin P, Baby, A. (2014), , A study on the challenges faced by customers in financial inclusion, International Journal for Scientific Research & Management (IJSRM) Volume: III/ Issue I
    • Eugin P, A. (2016). “UAE's innovation strategies are game changers”, Khaleej Times.  p-27. Dubai.
    • Eugin P, Shetty. (2017) ‘National Stock Exchange and International Stock Markets - a study on improving transparency, efficiency and low transaction cost’, International Journal of Research in Banking and Finance. 2(2): 47-56.
    • Eugin P (2009) “Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)countries A review on regional integration” in Journal of Banking and Finance: 6th year, issue 66, , p. 6 – 14.
    • Eugin P (2009) “Risk Management measures suitable for UAE business environment” in Journal of Banking and Finance: 6th year, issue 67, p. 12 – 18.
    • Eugin P. (2006) “FDI in China and its Economic impact” in Journal of World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development (WREMSD), Volume 2 - Issue 1/2, p. 36 – 56.


  • Conferences

    1. Eugin P. (2017). “Triple Bottom line for sustainability’. International Conference on Triple Bottom line. St. Xavier’s (Autonomous) College / Palayamkottai, India.

    2. Eugin P. (2017) “ INDIA 2010”/ International Conference on Economic Developments . / M.S.University / Tirunelveli, India.

    3. Eugin P. (2018) “AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP – THE PANACEA FOR INDIA’S ECONOMIC GROWTH”. International Conference on AN ENTREPRENEURSHIP. St. Xavier’s (Autonomous) College / Palayamkottai, India.

    4. Eugin P. (2019) “Intellectual Property Rights and Sustainable Economic Growth”. International Conference on IPR. At Bharath Matha School of Law, Choondi, Aluva, Kerala, India.

    5. Eugin P. (2018) “Contemporary Developments in Management, Banking and Research”. International Conference on Contemporary Developments in Management. Post Graduate Department of Commerce and Research, St Xavier's College for Women, Aluva, Cochin, India.

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