SUC Raises Awareness on Drug Use and Abuse

SUC Raises Awareness on Drug Use and Abuse
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Prohibited drugs are the main cause of many accidents, loss of lives, and various health problems around the world. To raise awareness to this universal phenomenon, the Services Committee of Skyline University College (SUC) has conducted a Drug Awareness Seminar on April 11th, 2016. Lieutenant Adnan Al Hamadi of Sharjah Police was the speaker of this occasion.

The drug abuse not only affects the physical but also one's mental health. The main purpose of this seminar was to educate the students of the dangers of drug use. Lieutenant Adnan Al Hamadi warned the students to stay away from this menace. A video was shown about the origin and effects of drugs and students had an interactive question and answer session. He also discussed the role of Sharjah Police in combating these harmful activities. Finally, the audience was informed of the supportive groups that help students with addictions. Dr. Anthony Miller expressed his words of thanks to those who were present.

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