Skyline Students Industry Visit to Prime Geoscience Testing Laboratory

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The male students of Dr. Sharon Dreisbach’s Organizational Behavior class went for an educational visit at the Prime Geoscience Testing Laboratory in Dubai. Dr. Mary Jane Alvero, the Group Chief Executive Officer and Ms. Molly Tuazon Santos welcomed the students.

The students were given an opportunity to observe and learn about the company’s Chemical Department that includes construction material chemical testing, food analysis section (Halal Food), environmental monitoring section, and microbiology analysis section in a lecture given by Engr. Allan Eugene Canoy, the Group Quality Assurance Manager. The students were accompanied by faculty members Dr. Ramakrishna Yanamandra and Dr. Petr Svoboda.

Skyline University College organized regular industry visits to introduce students to various industries so they are more prepared for the professional world.



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