HR Seminar by Students

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To enhance students’ abilities and skills, and to prepare them for the professional world, the faculty of Skyline University Colleges lets students organize activities and seminars. Recently, the students taking Human Resource Management course under Dr. Mona Sinha were given an opportunity to organize an HR seminar.

The activities commenced with an inspirational talk delivered by the Head of Academics for the School of Business, Dr. Ajith Kumar. Faculty members Ms. Owen Sanchez and Dr. Hesham Sheikh shared their insights, knowledge, and first-hand experiences in Re-Engineering Approach on Human Resource Management. The students also learned the trends and the latest news about HR and how it becomes a strategic partner to any business. Dr. Sharon Mendoza guided the students throughout the seminar.

According to the students, they learned a lot from the seminar. “It was a very great experience for us and we got to learn much during this seminar and a big thank you to our professors and to Skyline University College for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to organize an event,” says Skyliner Abida.

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