Skyline University College welcomed the new Skyliners!

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Starting university can be an exciting experience, but it can also be nerve-wracking. To welcome the students, help them settle into college life, and introduce them to the Skyline way of life, SUC’s Event Committee prepared various activities.

On their first day at SUC, the freshmen gained useful insights about Skyline and learned resources that they can use in their academic journey. SUC Dean Prof. Mohammad In’airat conducted an orientation focusing on the infrastructure, learning support services, and the things that make SUC unique. Dr. Osama Ali Thawabeh, Director of Student Services, discussed the flexible schedule and the assistance that SUC offers to students. Mr. Firoj Rauta, Head of Computing Services, conducted an orientation on SUC’s online portal.

Freshmen, the Skyline management, faculty, and staff warmly welcome you to Skyline!


Main campus

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