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Dr. Sharon (Shaimah) Mendoza Dreisbach

Dr. Ghaza

Assistant Professor, Discipline Leader-Management
Ext: 7051
Office: F-18

Dr. Sharon holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Doctor of Management major in Human Resource Management from the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University in the Philippines. Her Master’s research paper on Ecotourism has been recognized and funded by the Local Government Unit and now the area has been developed as a tourist destination. Her Doctoral research paper opened an opportunity for scholarship amongst the members of the Philippine Army who are active in service and want to pursue their bachelor's degree in one of the colleges in her hometown at General Santos City, Philippines.
She has three decades of work experience in the hospitality industry, government service, and the academe. Aside from teaching and research, she is also active in doing community services. She is a multi-awarded advocate of cancer and environmental awareness. She has been regularly invited as motivational keynote speaker in several events and forums nationally and internationally.
Dr. Sharon has published research papers in reputed international journals. Her teaching and research interest areas include public health, international relations, comparative public administration, tourism, and human resource management.
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