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Dr. Channaganu Paramaiah

Dr. Ghaza

Associate Professor

Dr. Ch. Paramaiah, holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Economics) degree with a specialization in macroeconomics from School of Economics, Andhra University, India. He holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Srikrinadevaraya University, India He has excellent record of teaching, research and administrative services in various government universities and business schools.
He has more than two decades of work experience in business schools and government universities as educator, researcher, head of the department and quality assurance coordinator for the Faculty of Social Sciences, National University of Lesotho. He has teaching and research experience at leading universities and business schools in India, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Southern Africa, and UAE (United Arab Emirates).
Dr. Paramaiah has published research papers in refereed national and international journals, guided masters and doctoral students for their research work. His research interests include Economics Theory, Sustainability, Money and Banking, International Finance, Macro-econometrics, Trade effects on gender dynamics, dynamics of the informal sector, and risk management. In terms of publications experience, he has published one book and four book chapters and about 20 research papers in standard academic journals and in conference proceeding and has consultancy experience both in India and abroad.
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