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Dr. Belal Shneikat

Dr. Ghaza

Associate Professor

Dr. Shneikat holds B.Sc. Degree in Regional Planning, a Master's degree in Business Administration from Al-Balqa’ Applied University in Jordan, and PhD in Business Administration from Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus. 
Dr. Shneikat has more than 13 years of work experience in business schools in Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Cyprus. He has experience in teaching and administrative positions along with research guidance, organizing seminars and academic advising. 
Dr. Shneikat has published research papers in peer reviewed journals (SSCI and Scopus). He served as an editor for a book published by Emerald Group in the UK. He published two book chapters. He has two conference papers, and served as a reviewer for high-profile journals like Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, and Service Industries Journal. His areas of interest include HR, OB, entrepreneurship, and international higher education.
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