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The Corporate Affairs Office (CAO) is responsible for building long term relationships with corporate establishments for the purpose of integrating the academics and industry for mutual benefit through Knowledge Partnership which get into Memorandum of Understanding and includes the following collaborations: Internships and Placements, Guest Lecture & Technical Visits, Corporate & School (Non – Arab) Scholarship Program, Participation in Management Development Program (MDPs), Local and International Conferences, Schools and Universities Educational Fair, School Career Fair, Curriculum Enhancement, Students Industrial Inputs, Industry Professional Trainings, Panel Discussions and Community Development Immersion. Also, engages in identifying the Industrial Training Needs and Knowledge, Skills & Competencies expected from the student’s employability. The Corporate Affairs Office (CAO) engages with the Top International Universities by signing MoU and Articulation Agreements to promote cooperation in various activities like Faculty and Students Exchange Program, Community Engagement, International Internship, Collaborative Research and Project Works.


The office also includes the Student Events Department who is responsible for creating a vibrant and friendly environment in the university by involving students in extra – curricular and social activities. SUC is marked with numerous public and official events throughout the year to give the students a well – rounded and active lifestyle. The department plans and organizes inter-university and external events allowing students to get exposure and improve their skills. The Student Events Department is also responsible in maintaining an active Clubs & Committees dedicated to the interests of SUC students. The SUC Clubs & Committees aims to provide interest-based both academic and non-academic activities for students to fulfill leadership roles on campus.


Furthermore, the office always believes in the continuous lifelong learning process. With this belief and conviction, it engages the alumni throughout the year by inviting them in various panel discussions, seminars and international conferences, business meet, forums where they can share their views and nurture themselves as future leaders.


  1. To create brand awareness, knowledge exchange and corporate linkages of SUC among the top 50 globally recognized companies in UAE.
  2. To provide career services for placement and networking opportunities for skyline university college students and alumni by organizing career fairs and conducting employability surveys for proper feedback .
  3. To enter into agreements with MOE approved universities by signing MOU’s and articulations for student and faculty exchange, research collaboration.

Corporate Relations

University branding

CAO has responsibility in protecting the reputation of the university externally and internally and develop and maintain the University's corporate image reinforcing its positioning in the UAE market through its several activities and engagements held for students, staff and management.


Placement & internship

CAO is responsible for coordinating and implementation of a university-wide systematic, comprehensive, technology driven placement & internship system designed to locate, attract and retain the students. These Services organized by the university through its corporate office, serves for the excellence of its students for their higher education. These services include arranging career fair, career counseling, placement drives, HR Network, CV Building exercises, Mock Interviews, Alumni Engagement Program, Graduate Management Network and University Job Portal Facility on the official website having multiple opportunities. CAO through its collaboration engage students for the possible career opportunities


Corporate MOU

Develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with academic, Government affiliates and Corporates through maintaining good communication and networking. This includes Signing MOU with Corporate Organization, Government Institutes and Academic Institutional Partners in UAE and abroad.



Assist and promote Boot Camp and Short Courses Programs under Center of Continuous Learning (CCL) and Management Development Program (MDP) to the potential organizations both academic and corporates. These programs are both short term and long term and is primarily serves to enhance professional capability of the individual/group in sustaining market challenges.


Employer and employment surveys

Coordinate and engage with the Quality Assurance Department and Institutional Research Office for conducting and preparing Program Reviews, feedback of syllabus both from academic partners and potential employers of our graduates. Furthermore, it includes feedback of Alumni working in the respective field, feedback of current graduating students for internship and placement opportunities, feedback from employer, companies and institutions where our graduates currently being placed. These all services are done for quality purposes and developing articulation with Universities, maintaining record and for providing feedback mechanism for Internal Management of the University and External stakeholders.


Corporate visits & events participation

Corporate visits and event participation are done regularly to identify main corporate individuals and organizations, determine to partner. This helps to create Jobs and Internship opportunities for the SUC students/graduates to locate themselves in reputable organization both in the UAE and abroad. Moreover, it also helps to communicate University-wide Degree Programs and short courses for the partner organizations.


School career fairs & exhibitions

Promote SUC Programs offered among Non – Arab Schools and summer school locally and internationally markets. Represent SUC for Major Corporate, Industry Events and Education Exhibitions.


New market development

Develop and assist Head – DOMC to new market venture in other countries (India, Pakistan, Africa, Morocco, Turkey etc.).


Articulation & collaboration

CAO will identify university of repute across the globe including Top 200 Universities approved by MOE and explore possibilities to work together for mutual benefit in terms of MOU and Articulation Agreements. This will include student exchange faculty exchange, transfer of credit hours, research collaboration and joint degree programs


Conduct student activities

Conduct CEO Lecture series, Technical Visits, Corporate Guest Lectures, for Both School of Business and School of Computing in coordination with the respective Faculty


Key corporate partners

Corporate Affairs Office is imperative in creating a bridge between academia and industry as an opportunity to meet some of the leading exemplary market mavens to capture the essence of the industry, in order to collaborate and connect with them for liaising needs. CAO team visited various organizations for strengthening SUC brand recognition endeavors and for the facilitation of ideas and valuable discussions. As the industry is evolving rapidly, reduce the gap between institutions and industry, and create employment for SUC Students and Alumni. Corporate Affairs Office is coordinating with its partners for CEO Series, Guest lectures, Industry Interaction Seminars, HR Forum, Industry Field Trips, Employment Surveys, Program reviews and Case Study Development.


These are some of the Corporate partners working closely with SUC;  

university corporate partners

Academic Partnership

CAO will identify university of repute across the globe including Top 200 Universities approved by MOE and explore possibilities to work together for mutual benefit in terms of MOU and Articulation Agreements. This will include student exchange faculty exchange, transfer of credit hours, research collaboration and joint degree programs.


Key academic partner universities

These are some of the academic partners working closely with SUC;

Skyline University College strongly believes that it is important to develop collaborations with foreign and local higher education institutions as well as with industry at large. These collaborations provide a platform for our faculty and students to conduct joint research, Student exchange, Faculty Exchange, Short term Certification, Boot camps and transfer of credit hours.
Memoranda of understanding have been signed with national and international institutions which are listed below. These international collaborations engage students and broaden their horizon through exchange programs, summer schools, cultural trips as well as giving them the opportunity to transfer their credits.  

university academic partners


Corporate Affairs Office is in charge of the following activities:
A.  Guest lecture
B.  Technical visits
C.  Experts/ Judges for the events
D.  Internship
E.  Placements
F.  Students networking
G.  Participation in events / Seminars
H.  Round table conference
I.   Collaborative research projects
J.   MOU signed with the corporate
K.  MoU signed with Universities
L.  Trainings and MDP conducted
M.  Alumni activity plan
N.  Community engagement initiatives
O.  Promotion of professional courses
P.  Alumni Guest Lecture Series
Q. CEO Lecture Series


Does Skyline University College provide Summer Internship?

Yes, we do provide Summer Academic Internship as per the request of the Administration Department for students who need it as an Academic Requirement.