Corporate Affairs Office

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The Corporate Affairs Office (CAO) is responsible for building long term relationships with corporate establishments for the purpose of integrating the academics and industry for mutual benefit through Knowledge Partnership which get into Memorandum of Understanding and includes the following collaborations: Internships and Placements, Guest Lecture & Technical Visits, Corporate & School (Non – Arab) Scholarship Program, Participation in Management Development Program (MDPs), Local and International Conferences, Schools and Universities Educational Fair, School Career Fair, Curriculum Enhancement, Students Industrial Inputs, Industry Professional Trainings, Panel Discussions and Community Development Immersion. Also, engages in identifying the Industrial Training Needs and Knowledge, Skills & Competencies expected from the student’s employability.

The Corporate Affairs Office (CAO) engages with the Top International Universities by signing MoU and Articulation Agreements to promote cooperation in various activities like Faculty and Students Exchange Program, Community Engagement, International Internship, Collaborative Research and Project Works etc.

The office also includes the Student Events Department who is responsible for creating a vibrant and friendly environment in the university by involving students in extra – curricular and social activities. SUC is marked with numerous public and official events throughout the year to give the students a well – rounded and active lifestyle. The department plans and organizes inter-university and external events allowing students to get exposure and improve their skills. The Student Events Department is also responsible in maintaining an active Clubs & Committees dedicated to the interests of SUC students. The SUC Clubs & Committees aims to provide interest-based both academic and non-academic activities for students to fulfill leadership roles on campus.

Furthermore, the office always believes in the continuous lifelong learning process. With this belief and conviction, it engages the alumni throughout the year by inviting them in various panel discussions, seminars and international conferences, business meet, forums where they can share their views and nurture themselves as future leaders.


Corporate Affairs:

  1. To create brand awareness of SUC among the corporates;
  2. To enter agreement with corporates and government organizations by signing MoUs.
  3. To provide internship and placement opportunities among SUC Students; and
  4. To enter agreements with Universities by signing MoUs and Articulations.
  5. To conduct Symposium, Guest Lectures, CEO Series, Academic Summits and Industry Tours.


  1. To create Alumni Networking to SUC Graduates;
  2. To strengthen Alumni Associations; and
  3. To engage Alumni in a continuous learning process.


  1. To have an integration of meaningful extra-curricular and co-curricular activities which helps students adopt to the multi-cultural environment and develop inter-personal relationships among fellow peers.


  1. CEO / Alumni Lecture Series
  2. Industry / Technical Visits
  3. Participation of Students for Conferences and Exhibitions
  4. Student Exchange Programs
  5. Semester Abroad Programs
  6. Foreign Language Training Centre
  7. Internship Opportunities
  8. Alumni Networking and Events


The internship program of Skyline University College assists students to work and learn in a professional environment and get prepared for embarking on employment careers. The internship facilitates students to be able to apply the knowledge gained in the classrooms in a work setting, this process enriches student learning experience and helps them transit into the work world.

Corporate Affairs Office coordinates with Corporate and identifies internship opportunities for the SUC students studying Bachelor of Business Administration Program, provided the candidate successfully attends Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) organized by CAO. The following procedure is followed for organizing internship:

  1. CAO will conduct workshop every semester on Resume Writing and Mock Interviews along with the Teaching Effectiveness Committee.
  2. To receive complete list of internship requirement for eligible student from Administration Department.
    • Specialization wise
    • Contact Details [Mobile #, Email ID, Fax #]
    • Name with clear passport size photographs
    • Photocopy of passport with Visa page
    • Photocopy of UAE National ID
    • Letter of consent and compliance from the student
    • Updated CV/Resume
    • Contact details of SUC Supervisor
  3. On receipt of acceptance/consent from respective industry the intimation sends to Administration Department.
  4. Admin completes the registration formality and issues letters of internship.
  5. In-house orientation for intern by coordination with Corporate Affairs Office, Admin & SUC’s Supervisor, and Experience sharing from students already placed.
  6. Admin to compile list of intern joined the organization.
  7. SUC’s supervisor to monitor the progress of intern and appraise Corporate Affairs Office.
  8. In case student does not join or discontinue, it is the sole responsibility of student to find organization for their internship. Corporate Affairs Office is not held responsible for arranging second opportunity.
  9. Students intern are required to submit internship Project report to Admin.
  10. Admin to send details of organization where internship has been organized during semester.
  11. Corporate Affairs Office to send Thank You letter to concerned people in the organization where internship was completed.


Corporate Affairs Office gives placement assistance to current and graduating student and Alumni of SUC. Any student who is enrolled in the programs offered by Skyline University College is automatically eligible for the placements, provided the candidate successfully attends Professional Skills Development Program (PSDP) organized by CAO. The focus is 100% placement of SUC students.

Conversion ratio/Placement rate of graduates is an essential tool to measure an educational institution’s effectiveness. The Administration Department is in charge of complete coordination of the placement at SUC.

The functions of Corporate Affairs Office with regards to placement are as follows:

  1. Conducting workshop every semester on Resume Writing and Mock Interviews.
  2. Identifying employment opportunities for our SUC students in the national, regional and international market.
  3. Maintaining and updating the database of potential employers.
  4. On receipt of placement opportunities from the employers, the detail of the opportunities will be displayed in various locations like, plasma, portal and SMS depending upon need and urgencies.
  5. Coordinating with employers to complete their Need Analysis Form and Student Placement Request Form and then accordingly send the appropriate CVs.
  6. To carry out JD based workshop for students with the help of a faculty.
  7. Organizing campus interviews/placement week.
  8. Corporate Affairs Office will complete placement report semester wise with complete details of the organization, student, position join for and starting salary.
  9. Maintaining a data of placement activities in the form of monthly and yearly reports.


Corporate Affairs Office organizes PSDP Programs for students of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior levels. The PSDP Program is aimed at preparing students to meet the industry requirements.

PSDP classes are conducted for developing personality traits, communication skills, interpersonal skills, time management for the business environment. The purpose is to make the student more employable so that he can meet the challenges lying ahead in the industr.


INTERNSHIP and Placement Companies

  • Does Skyline University College provide Summer Internship?

    Yes, we do provide Summer Academic Internship as per the request of the Administration Department for students who need it as an Academic Requirement.
  • When does Student undertake Internship?

    The students can undertake internship in the Fall, Spring and Summer semester depending upon when he has taken admission. BBA students are expected to do internship for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. 
  • Does Skyline have onboard recruitment partners?

    YES, The Corporate Affairs office of SUC is associated with a large numbers of corporate houses that visit the campus for recruitment. Many of them have signed a MoU for various engagements including internship and final placements.
  • Which all companies’ students are placed?

    The students of SUC are placed in various sectors like Retail, Hospitality, Finance, Tourism, Banking, Real Estate, Logistics, Information System, Computing and a likes.  Companies like Air Arabia, Jacky’s, Johnson Controls, Cozmo Travel, Emirates Bank, Brothers Gas, and many more partake in our internship effort.
  • Where is the interview held?

    Mostly the interviews are held either on campus or sometimes at the company location. Prior invitation via mail is sent and confirmed for the same.
  • Do the students get a stipend during internship?

    It depends on the organizations some pay and some do not pay.
  • Do the students get an opportunity for a pre placement offer?

    The internship tenure offers an ideal opportunity for the company to evaluate the caliber and suitability of the student for placement. If the company is convinced about the value addition that the student brings to the company, it may offer a Pre-Placement Offer (PPO) of employment to the student after the completion of the course. Alternately, the company may make a special note to earmark high performing students when they eventually come to the campus for placement.
  • Does the student get any help for a placement?

    Yes, the Corporate Affairs office offers dedicated placement assistance to all students looking for a placement. It regularly conducts career fairs for the unemployed students.
  • Can I get more than one placement?

    Normally, it is one successful job placement per one student (as other student and/or alumni need to be assist as well). However, if there is a long list of industry requirement for our students and/or alumni, we will consider the same student for another job opportunity.
  • I am an international student do I get an opportunity for a placement?

    YES. You get an equal opportunity for a placement.
  • Will I get opportunities to meet employers?

    Yes. There are many occasions when students can meet potential recruiters. Corporate Affairs office regularly invites people from the industry for round table conferences, international conferences, guest lectures and business meet.
  • How can I find out about activities or events being held?

    We announce our activities through the mobile app, notice boards, emails, SMS, SUC website, Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you follow us Skyline University College on social media for regular updates.
  • How can I sign up for any activity?

    Simply visit our department on the First Floor [next to the Admin Office] and sign up or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We encourage our students to participate in external University competitions too.
  • How can I join a student committee/club?

    The committees’ membership is offered on a nondiscriminatory basis and is open to all students. Interested candidates can fill up the committee registration form available with Student Events Coordinator or on the student portal. An annual club fair is also held in early October where you can meet the club and committee head and sign up for the ones you are interested in.
  • How long is a club/committee membership valid for?

    All memberships are valid for a one year.
  • How is the core council elected for each club/committee?

    All core councils are selected through the process of voting by the members. Elections are held on a yearly basis.
  • How do I find out about meeting timings?

    Meeting timings will be informed through mobile app, SMS, notice boards and updates on the portal.
  • Do I receive any scholarship for being a part of extra-curricular activities?

    Rewardship program is a scholarship provided to students based on the number of hours they spend for extra-curricular activities.
  • What other benefits do I receive being a part of extra-curricular activities?

    It is a great opportunity to learn new things, build stronger personal skills and meet new people. It also helps to build your resume and increase scholarship opportunities. All active members are provided with certificates at the end of the semester.
  • What are the office hours of Events Department?

    Events Department is open from 9:00 AM until 7:00 PM on Weekdays. If you are an evening student, you may visit the Corporate Affairs Office [7:00 PM until 10:00 PM] and they would be able to provide you with any information you require.
  • What do I need to become a student organizer in SUC Events Committee?

    Interested candidates can fill up the committee registration form available with Student Events Coordinator or on the student portal. You can also join in on the meetings scheduled during the mid-semester or visit the Events Department.
  • Can I write for the Newsline Magazine if I am not in the committee?

    Yes, we accept all student contributions on various topics. We also encourage students to showcase their talents of art and poetry in the magazine.

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