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The Computing Department provides information technology (IT) resources to the SUC community. The department’s activities include maintaining Network, Web, SharePoint, Data and File Servers to provide Portal services to faculty, staff & students.  The department is also responsible to maintain and ensure smooth functioning of technology resources in the classroom. The Computing Department aims to provide accessible and reliable administrative information systems to support operational decision-making, planning and analysis. As part of the institution’s strategic plan to serve the various users of SUC effectively an indigenously developed Campus ERP is installed to facilitate smooth flow of information between and within departments so as to enable effective flows of communications between faculty, staff & students of SUC. The Department strives to provide an environment which the faculty, staff & students can use information technology resources for instruction, research and administrative operations and updates the required IT, IS and Technology development as per future needs.


  1. To plan, design, procure & maintain adequate technological resources.
  2. To secure computing infrastructure and regular data backup.
  3. To develop, upgrade & implement ERP, Mobile Apps, SharePoint, LMS & Document Management System (Doccept) System for data and information management.
  4. To provide need-based training for acquired technological resources.
  5. To ensure optimal use of computing resources through continuous audit process.


The Computing Department is responsible for providing technological services in the form of hardware, software & web services to the faculty, staff and student for creating an IT enabled learning environment. The computing service aims at collecting data, analyzing and disseminating information to help various users optimally utilize the information to accomplish their respective objectives. Following are the facilities and services provided by the Computing Department:


  1. Computer labs

SUC has four computer laboratories with a total of 161 computers with different configurations to match the requirements of the curriculum. All the computers have multimedia with internet facility and regularly updated for uninterrupted access by the students.


  1. Timings & access to computing labs

The Computer labs are available for students from 09:00 AM to 14:00 PM and from 17:30 PM to 22:00 PM on working days. The Computer labs are available for access from 14:30 PM to 22:00 PM on Friday and from 09:00 AM to 17:00 PM on Saturday.


  1. BYOD classroom

SUC has 31 classrooms that are equipped with audio visual equipment and Internet connections. All Classrooms are Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concepts to cater to the student with multimedia resources, Learning Management Resources, Online Quizzes, SCORM, Online Assignment submission, Internet, Intranet etc. facilities are adequate to use online / offline resources for imparting knowledge and conducting various exercises to enhance the learning process. It is also used to enter online attendance so that transparency can be maintained. Access to Learning Management System (LMS) Moodle Portal and study material upload / downloads can be used for the benefit of the faculty and students.


  1. Printing & photocopying center

SUC has 6 heavy-duty photocopiers and printers to serve students in taking photocopies, color printing and color scanning all study material that is required for enhancing their learning outcome.

Service Provided

Software Center

  • Software center is controlled by the Computing Department which is responsible for developing in house software as per the requirements of various Academic and Academic Support Services departments of the SUC.  They also take care of portal services of the SUC. It also oversees all the software development activities outsourced to external consultants.


Audit of Website, Portal & FAQs

  • The Computing Department audit the website, portal & FAQs on monthly basis in order to provide active web & portal services to the users of SUC including academic & academic support services to display information to the SUC community.


Technical Services

  • The Computing Department assesses the requirements of academic and academic support services to serve the needs of faculty, staff & student and provides updated resources at regular intervals facilitate them for improving the IT services to the users.


Internet Services

  • The internet facilities are provided to faculty, staff & students to enable them to communicate at regular intervals. The internet network is connected with 3.7 Gbps fiber optics internet connections to provide adequate speed for enabling access to internet services throughout the campus. The internet facility is provided free of cost to its users 24x7, which enables the students to get global information from a worldwide network. In addition to this a cloud based mail server Office 365 that offers mail services is extended to the stakeholders to facilitate for internal and external communications.


SUC Email Account (Office 365)


Students Email Accounts

  • Every student enrolled in SUC should use their personal id for official communication at the time enrollment, however student can update every month if they are changing their email id visiting the skyline portal to update the email id.


SUC Staff Telephone Landline & Mobile Connection

  • The Computing Department provides each faculty and staff member with a telephone connection with an extension number linked to the PABX System. The zero-dial facility is provided to the VC, DVC, Registrar, Dean of SOB, Dean of SOC, and all marketing staff. This facility can be extended to other staff/faculty members on a need basis and upon approval by the Dean. The computing department provides an official mobile connection to all marketing department staff, head computing, account assistant, head sports, executive corporate affairs & PRO. However, this facility can be extended to other members on a need basis and upon approval by the Dean. The mobile connectivity is provided to select staff members and HODs on a monthly slab basis as approved by the Dean. This facility is provided to the members to enable them to develop business and facilitate development corporate relations even during non-working hours


SUC Staff Walkie-Talkie

  • The Computing Department provides Walkie-Talkie to all support staff, marketing staff & HODs to facilitate them to interact for increasing the coordination and operational efficiency. This facility can be extended to other staff/faculty members on a need basis and upon approval by Dean.


Networking & Intranet Services

  • The Computing Centre network is powered by high-speed fiber backbone. On this backbone a File-Server is connected, which enables the faculty &students to post their study materials on internal server and store their important data and files in safe place.


LMS Portal Services

  • Students are given access to the portal services which enables them to get information about their attendance, grades, online appointments, registering online suggestions & complaints, and HR services. Students can download Course Syllabus & study materials, Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM), online quizzes, access online e-database/e-books, online request system, online department feedback to track student progression, class schedule, advising, courses enrolled for & results etc., and the students are issued individual username and passwords for using this facility
  • SUC encourages its faculty to share all study material on the SUC Portal to facilitate student learning. SUC requires its entire stakeholders to respect the legal right to intellectual and creative property in all media. All SUC faculties will ensure that student material uploaded confirms with prevailing Intellectual Property Right law of UAE. Faculties will indemnify SUC Management against any Copyright Infringement that arises out of material they have uploaded.


Timings & Access to Computing Labs

  • The Computer labs are available for students from 09:00 AM to 14:00 PM and from 17:30 PM to 22:00 PM on working days. The Computer labs are available for access from 14:30 PM to 22:00 PM on Friday and from 09:00 AM to 1700 PM on Saturday.


Turnitin Plagiarism Account

  • Students are given access to the Turnitin portal services which enables them to check the plagiarism before submitting the assignment, projects, case study and other as per subject and faculty allocated the task.


LMS Mobile Apps

  • Students are given access to the LMS Mobile Apps in both the platform (Android & iOS) which enables them to get information about their attendance, grades, online appointment, registering online, suggestions & complaints, Students can download Course Syllabus & study materials, assignment, SCORM, online quizzes, access online e-database/e-books, online request system, online department feedback to track student progression, class schedule, advising, courses enrolled for & results etc., and the students are issued individual username and passwords for using this facility.



Guideline on SUC Network Usage with Student Owned Devices


 Acceptable Devices

Students may access the student wireless network with any device with Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) connectivity. Students may only access the network with devices that are their own personal property.


 Content Filtered

  • Access through SonicWall (as per SUC’s Internet Access Policy) to the Internet will be provided for student-owned devices.


 Personal Responsibility

The SUC assumes no responsibility for the loss of, theft of or damage to any personal devices that a student connects to the student wireless network through Wi-Fi, wired or any information on that devices.



Students shall not impair the security of the SUC network. This exception includes but is not limited to:

  • Students are expected to maintain up-to-date antivirus and antispyware protection on all devices that are connected to the SUC student wireless network. Devices without up-to-date security programs may be denied access to the network of SUC.
  • Students are expected to safeguard all network passwords. Students should not share network passwords with others and should change passwords regularly. Students are expected to notify to Computing Department immediately if they believe their student account has been compromised.
  • Students are expected to log onto the student wireless network only with their account and not to allow others to use their account


 Inappropriate Use

The SUC network is a shared network where all users are obliged to use the resource responsibly. Students are provided access to the SUC student wireless network through their personal devices primarily for educational purposes only. Incidental personal use of the network is acceptable, but students should not use the network for personal activities that consume significant network bandwidth or for activities that violate SUC policy or UAE law. These include but are not limited to:

      1. Students are allowed to use only approved online academic/business games through SUC network.
      2. Downloading software, music, movies or other content is in violation of licensing requirements, copyright or other intellectual property rights.
      3. Downloading, viewing or sharing inappropriate content, including pornographic, defamatory or otherwise offensive material.
      4. Conducting for-profit business.
      5. Using hacking tools on the network or intentionally introducing malicious code into the SUC’s network.
      6. Conducting any activity that is in violation of SUC policy or UAE law.
      7. Using any software or proxy service to obscure either the student’s IP address or the sites that the student visits. Disabling, bypassing, or attempting to disable or bypass any system monitoring, filtering or other security measures.
      8. Accessing or attempting to access material or systems on the network that the student is not authorized to access.


No Expectation of Privacy

The SUC can and does monitor internet access and activity on the SUC’s network, including but not limited to sites visited, content viewed and email sent and received. The SUC may examine a student’s personal device and search its contents if there is a reason to believe that SUC policies, regulations, or guidelines regarding access to the network or use of the device have been violated.


Disruptive Activity

Students should not intentionally interfere with the performance of the student wireless network and the SUC’s overall network.


 Unauthorized Networks

      • Students may not create unauthorized wireless networks to access SUC’s student wireless network.
      • This includes establishing wireless access points, wireless routers and open networks on personal devices.
      • Unauthorized copying computer program(s) from the SUC Computer System is prohibited.


Consequences of Inappropriate Use

Students who misuse SUC’s student wireless network will be subject to discipline which may include loss of access to student wireless or all internet access and/or other appropriate disciplinary or legal action in accordance with the SUC Policy.​​​​​​


What is computer and network usage policy?

The purpose of the computer and network usage policy is to plan, implement & maintain IT infrastructure to support the academic and academic support service departments in providing teaching, learning, research and departments to extend services to the SUC community. This usage policy codifies what is considered appropriate usage of computers and networks within SUC and determines the rights and responsibility of the users and the Computing Department. 

  • Regulations for using Information Resources
  • Modification or Removal of IT Equipment
  • Access and Use of Other's ID
  • Email
  • Repro-graphics
  • Reporting Problems
  • Monitoring
  • De-activation of Cyberoam ID
  • Smart Classroom