ICBM 2017

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Researchers from around the globe will be deliberating on the fast growing technology and the impact of these technologies on businesses at the 4th International Conference on Business and Management on March 26-27, 2017, at Skyline University College, Sharjah.


The participants will discuss whether these technologies are helping to improve productivity or causing technological blackout and disruption to the smooth operations of the business. Whether these rapidly changing technologies are becoming a cost burden on the businesses or becoming obsolete before it is fully written off in the accounting terms or cost benefit comparison of adopting the new technologies.


The conference will also have discussions on the harm done by presence of fly-by-night technology firms and practitioners, security threat to data and cost burden of preventing data theft, and the growth of professional crime rackets capable of stealing even highly secured data from any part of the world.


SUC is looking forward to seeing all the delegates from 16 countries from around the world. See you all at the 4th International Conference on Business and Management: Fin-Tech Driven-Age.

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