BBA in International Business

BBA in International Business provides the details of operations and management of international business in its various dimensions and contexts and equips the students to execute their responsibilities





The UAE by virtue of its location between Asia major and African continents provide crucial advantage for exports and re-exports from this region. In addition to the location advantage the economic policies on imports and exports and free zone facilities extended to manufacturing, trading and logistics for products and service sector has led to an exponential growth in foreign direct investments and foreign trading activities. To understand and operate international business transactions and to participate in strategic management decision process, qualified manpower in this field is required. BBA in International Business provides the details of operations and management of international business in its various dimensions & contexts and equips the students to execute their responsibilities. BBA in International Business gives students an opportunity to focus and understand how business is conducted on a global scale, and how it is different from a domestic enterprise.


International Business - Goals

  1. To develop an understanding of international business operations.
  2. To enable students understand the role of direct foreign investments, international monetary agencies and international trade organizations.
  3. To provide awareness of the best practices in international business decision making of the functional areas of management including business projects.
  4. To develop an understanding of issues in international business strategies and multicultural influences. 

International Business - Objectives

Students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of operations of international trade organizations.
  2. Use techniques of logistics & supply chain management
  3. Demonstrate skills in managing clients and customer relationships globally
  4. Apply functions, tools and techniques of international business operations& marketing
  5. Apply knowledge and skills in the areas of project planning, scheduling, budgeting and controlling
  6. Evaluate policies and formulate appropriate strategies for international business organizations




ECO3110 Economics of International Business 3 ECO2102
BUS3011 Export & Import Management 3 None
BUS3112 Comparative Global Management 3 MGM1001
FIA4019 International Banking 3 NONE
MKT4213 Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3

MAT1102, MKT2201


MKT4119 International Marketing (C,S) 3 Senior Status


BUS4115 Business Project Management (E) 3 MGM1001
FIA4120 International Finance (E) 3 FIA2103
MKT4120 Services Marketing (E,P) 3 MKT2201
Total Credits required in International Business Major 21  

S – Senior Level, C – Capstone, E – Elective,
E, P – Elective & Protected and P –Protected

BBA in International Business

The world economy is a much bigger work at hand and dealing with the local and foreign trades and investors is a daunting task. Nonetheless, Skyline’s BBA in International Business teaches you to beat the odds, broadens your perspective in global competition, and expands your knowledge in international market. This program aims at producing globally competitive professionals of the future.

Possible Careers:

Expatriate Service Coordinators
Entrepreneurs in International Trade
International Economist
Import/Export Compliance Specialist (Or Customs Compliance)
Management Analyst
Export/Import Managers
Franchise Opportunities
Marketing Specialists Product Managers



Purchasing Managers
International Banking
Foreign Currency Investment Advisor
International Management Consultant
Foreign Sales Representative
International Trade and Customs Manager
Sales Analysts International Marketing Director
Financial Controller
Multinational Manager
Business Development Director
International Foreign Policy Advisor



The general education program at the BBA level is designed to develop a well-rounded personality. The courses aim at improving communication & interpersonal skills along with instilling in students lifelong learning attitude. An all-inclusive knowledge base that is provided to the students encompassing science, computing, humanities, and culture inculcates a sensitive and scientific temper in the young professionals.


Student will be able to:

  1. To improve communication skills in English language.
  2. To develop evaluation skills by using quantitative procedures for logical thinking in business environment.
  3. To develop an understanding of cultural diversity, social responsibility and ethical values.
  4. To develop a scientific temper among students by introducing them to the basic concepts of natural sciences.
  5. To enable students to use Information Systems tools in business applications.
  6. To develop well-rounded personalities in students enabling them to pursue excellence in career.


Student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the basic scientific principles for application in decision-making
  2. Comprehend and Explain human civilization, culture, ethical values, and religion, with a view to understanding of the global community.
  3. Develop skills in business communication
  4. Demonstrate skills of information technology in effective data processing and analyzing
  5. Develop skills in problem solving through the application of both critical thinking techniques and mathematical & statistical tools



The Business Education Program aims at providing conceptual background to the students in core business & management areas. Program contents have been designed to expose students to the functions of business, organization structure & design, finance and legal aspects of business towards developing an attitude for conducting and leading business enterprises effectively and innovatively.


  1. To develop business competencies among students to meet the challenges of business environment.
  2. To develop conceptual clarity of business management processes in the functional areas.
  3. To develop business decision making skills through business analytics.
  4. To develop research skills in understanding business trends and practices.
  5. To inculcate values and ethical behavior necessary for conducting business.


Student will be able to:

  1. Gain knowledge of economics, finance, management, marketing, business systems and innovative business practices
  2. Demonstrate understanding of multicultural & ethical issues in business and management practice
  3. Develop skills in business management and research techniques
  4. Analyze micro and macro business environments for effective decision making and formulating business strategies
  5. Relate best practices in industry through professional interaction

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