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About School of Business

The School of Business (SoB) is the founding school of Skyline University College (SUC). The School has evolved as an innovative and leading provider of quality business management education to serve society. SoB offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting, BBA with six different concentrations in Human Resource Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Hospitality Management, International Business, Marketing and Retail Management, and Public Administration programs. Academic programs at the School are comprehensively structured with contemporary courses, professional certifications, and engagements within and beyond the curriculum. SoB plays a significant role in imparting new-age knowledge, skills, and competencies to develop responsible managers and leaders. The School relies on its strategic mission to ensure continuous improvement in teaching, research, and community services to remain consistent with emerging national, regional, and global trends.

Learning and Engagement

Academic programs at SoB provide opportunities to the students to learn through case studies, research, projects, industry visits, experiential learning, innovation, and community service within and outside the curriculum. Academic and Social Clubs of the school and the university provides diverse learning experience to become business professionals.


Student learning in the SoB programs are also impacted from national, regional and global collaborations with government, corporates and academic institutions resulting in employability, student, faculty mobility and exchange, and participation in competition and events.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning culture among students are developed through Professional Skills Development Program and emphasis on critical thinking, creativity, innovation and research based learning. Engagement of alumni, CEO Lecture Series, Guest Lectures and HR forum from Corporate Affairs Office continue to enrich Student Professional Engagement.

Diversity and Societal Impact

Excellent diversity and inclusion among students, faculty and staff of the school and university enjoys cross cultural environment among students and promote global citizenry. Responsible Leadership is developed by enabling student’s participation in voluntary events and programs intended to address issues around UN Sustainability Goals as well as towards schools focused areas of societal impact.