BBA course descriptions


Effective managers and employees must develop knowledge of both law and business because people involved in business also are involved in, and greatly affected by, the law concerning business. In the present business environment, the link between law and business is growing day by day to prevent and protect stakeholders’ business interest, regulate and execute terms of contracts so that business operations can be conducted smoothly without / with minimum legal glitches. This course will empower student to understand and utilize effectively the legal frameworks to safeguard business interests.

Pre-requisite: None

MBA course descriptions


The course equips students to understand theories of international business and the tools that enable businessmen to take effective decisions in global business environment with regards to functional areas of business. The course enables students to understand the environment of international business, political economy, cultural & ethical foundations of global business today. The course covers the operations of international business and impacts of financial and monetary systems, risk and uncertainties that are encountered by international business entities. It also enables students to evaluate the entry and risk mitigation strategies by managing resources effectively.

Pre-requisite: None

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