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BBA in Accounting


The School of Business at Skyline University College offers Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting program. This program is equipped to meet the dynamic needs of national, regional and global business environments. A student studying Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting will be exposed to business education, which includes General Education, Business and Accounting Core and Electives

BBA in Accounting Program Learning Goals (PLGs)

PLG1. Demonstrate application of accounting and business knowledge in organizations
PLG2. Develop skills to prepare and present accounting reports for decision making
PLG3. Develop competencies to analyze regional and global trends
PLG4. Develop ethical values for sustainability of organization
PLG5. Enable application of accounting standards and business strategies for organizations

BBA in Accounting Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Students will be able to:
PLO1: Describe theoretical and applied knowledge of business and accounting.
PLO 2.1: Apply cognitive and technical skills for business and accounting
PLO 2.2: Apply behavioral and interpersonal skills for reporting.
PLO 3: Analyze insights and trends in regional and global business environment to assist in decision-making.
PLO 4: Critically understand the principles of ethics and values in context of economic, environmental, and social sustainability of organizations.
PLO 5: Apply accounting standards and business strategies to measure organizational performance


Code Course Credits Prerequisite Course Type
General Education Courses
CIS1001Essentials of  IT3NONECore Course
ENG1001English3NONECore Course
ENG1102Business Communication 3ENG1001Core Course
GEN1001Core Life Skills and Happiness 3NONECore Course
GEN1002UAE Society3NONECore Course
GEN1003Critical Thinking and Problem Solving3NONECore Course
GEN2004General Science3NONECore Course
GEN2005 / GEN2006Basic Arabic / Advanced Arabic3NONECore Course
GEN2007Islamic Culture3NONECore Course
GEN2008Innovation Entrepreneurship And Sustainability3NONECore Course
MAT1001Business Mathematics3NONECore Course
MAT1102Business Statistics3MAT1001Core Course