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Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism

(Approved by Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality Management)

An introductory programme, aimed at providing learners with a fundamental understanding of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Program Overview

For students new to the hospitality and tourism industry this course is an excellent first step. The Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism provides students with an understanding of these two closely aligned industries, whilst also allowing them to build their credit portfolio and skill set ready to go on to the higher level study in the field.

By providing students with an overall understanding of the industries, it allows them to explore and identify where their passions and interests lie so that they can then go on to specialise in the more specialist discipline of their choice.

The qualification is a great starting point for those eager to get their foot in the door. It is targeted at the learning needs of those students who are new to the field and typically in the 16 - 18 year age bracket. Through the completion of the course, they not only get a feel for the industry but become certified by CTH for their efforts.

Learning is highly structured and covers the key first principles required to understand the essential of the way the industries work. Hospitality and tourism are massive sectors offering a wealth of career opportunities covering everything from international 5 star hotels, through airlines, restaurants, cruise lines, bars and specialist resorts. They offer an incredible range of career opportunities and this foundation programme provides an excellent first induction into the workings of this vast sector.

Course Contents

  • Essentials of Human Resources and Business Computing in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Essentials of Marketing and Customer Relationships in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Tourism and Hospitality Industry
  • Essentials of Tourism and Hospitality Operations
  • Essentials Study Skills
Entry Requirements
Students must have completed full time secondary education with a minimum age of 16 years with the minimum English proficiency of IELTS 5.0 or an approved equivalent.
Course Duration
Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism comprises of five modules which can be completed in two semesters.
At the end of the course, the Diploma will be awarded to the students who have cleared the Quizzes, Mid-Terms and the Final exams of all the modules as per the prescribed schedule.
Course Fee
Course Fee: AED 11,375.00 
(Fees are subject to 5% VAT in line with Federal Decree-Law No. 8 of 2017)  
Admission Requirements
• 2 Passport size photographs
• Passport Copy
• Visa Copy or Emirates ID Copy
• Mark Sheet / Transcript
• Fee as specified in Fee Policy
Refund Policy
For course cancelled by Institution:
• 100% refund of course fee
For course cancelled by student:
• 10% of the total fees will be deducted and the balance amount will be refunded  before the commencement of course
• Registration fee is non-refundable and the remaining fee will be computed as of the date of cancellation.
General Terms and Conditions
• Course and exam dates are subject to change
• Conduct of classes is subject to minimum number of students enrolled 
• Conduct of morning/evening batches is subject to minimum number of students enrolled. In case of cancellation of either of the batches, registered students would be shifted to available batch. Student should refer to fee refund policy, in case he/she is not willing to shift the batch
• Conduct of course module is subject to availability/running of classes in that semester


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