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Role of Department of Research and Innovation

The Department of Research and Innovation consists of Three sub-committees as follows:


Research Committee


Dr. Ramakrishna Yanamandra

Associate Professor, Chair-BBA Program - School of Business

Prof. Ammar AlMomani

Professor, Head of Research and Innovation

Dr. Jalal Rajeh Hanaysha

Associate Professor

Dr. Channaganu Paramaiah

Associate Professor

Dr. Manas Ranjan Pradhan

Associate Professor

Dr. Abdul Salam Mohammed

Assistant Professor, Head of General Education

Dr. Suhair Eyad Jamal Al-Alami

Assistant Professor


  • Research (Journals, Books Publication, library
  • Skyline Business Journal (SBJ)
  • Conference Presentation, Symposium, Workshop, Webinar, Events and Colloquium
  • Website, Database and all Research Activities by SUC
  • Research ethics, and rewards



  1. Review of faculty candidate profile (if required) 

  2. Mentoring new faculty members on research and scholarly activities

  3. Planning for Future Research Strategy  

  4. Promote Interdisciplinary research at SUC

  5. To develop a research culture of collaboration

  6. Research updates to the office of VC and external regulatory authorities through Dean’s offices- Business/ IT  

  7. Motivate and enable faculty members to publish in quality and indexed journals.

  8. To coordinate with Skyline Business Journal Editorial team and ensure its smooth publication as per the timelines

  9. Building a strategic plan and action plan to improve the SBJ publications and to become in the Scopus index. 

  10. Increasing the level of publication and number of publications in SBJ

  11. Identification of good conferences and sharing of information

  12.  To organize international conferences with recognized international bodies once a year for the School of Business & School of Computing alternatively 

  13. Feedback on Conference attending proposals with paper presentation

  14. Review of conference conducting, and other research program proposals

  15. Feedback on Post Conference Presentation

  16. Coordination with Faculty for Conference presentations

  17. Coordinate workshop, webinar, symposium and events

  18. Provide support in maintaining the database of all research activities related to Skyline University College

  19. Collaborate with IT-Department to update all reports and statistics required in research fields 

  20. Collaborate with IT-Department to update all reports and statistics required in research fields 

  21. Collaborate with Director-MC to update SUC website data

  22. Review of research protocols and their supporting documents. Approval or disapproval is based on the ethical acceptability of the research.

  23. Progress research report since last approval

  24. To receive a factual statement of the unethical practices in faculty research 

  25. To seek a written explanation from the researcher being questioned  

  26. To initiate an investigation of the matter 

  27. To collect evidence or facts in the process of investigation

  28. Report the findings to VC for review and decision-making 

Case study and Consultancy Committee


Prof. J. Shanmugan

Professor, Discipline Leader-Marketing

Dr. Amer Al Kassem

Associate Professor

Dr. Belal Shneikat

Associate Professor


Case study Center, Knowledge and industrial update, consultancy



  1. Facilitating development Cases to get it published and used for Class Delivery
  2. Managing Case Study Center
  3. Look for collaboration with other research organizations worldwide
  4. Providing support in improving the quality of student’s research projects 
  5. Managing Knowledge and Industry updates 
  6. Managing Newsletters
  7. Conducting bi-annual research forums/ seminars
  8. Coordinate with faculty members to contribute to Knowledge and Industry updates.
  9. Consulting based on case study 

SIEC Committee


Dr. Osama Dorgham

Associate Professor

Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan

Associate Professor


  • Skyline Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (SIEC)
  • Entrepreneurial Agencies, Incubation Center, Prototypes Projects, Patents



  1. To write the policies of SIEC
  2. Building collaboration with global and local network
  3. Encourage students for participating in Research/ Innovation contest
  4. To promote all research and scholarly activities related to faculty members and students.
  5. Community engagement activities 
  6. Suggest AI and IOT testbed
  7. Review of Internal/External Research Projects, prototypes, Consulting, and Fund allocation
  8. Track the process of patents
  9. Prepare innovation events, workshops, Field trips, idea competitions

DRI Structure

Structure of the Department of Research and Innovation