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Case Study Center in Skyline University College (SUC) is based on the expertise of top-tier professors and support from the top management of SUC. It develops case studies and supports case teaching as a fundamental mission. The center provides full support for the various types of teaching projects in the SUC.
The center links theory with practice and collaborates with corporations and higher education institutions to enable research and case teaching to be applied. Finally, through the case study, the center commits itself to promote the improvement of UAE’s local management theory and transferring it to the world.

The case center develops high-quality case studies, cooperates with regional & international institutions, and exchanges case studies with them to become a first-class case study center in the UAE.

To be the leading case study center providing, facilitating, and applying high standards of business and IT practices for a wide variety of audiences within SUC, across UAE, regional, and international arenas.

To assist and support research practices and case teaching that improve our understanding of cross-cultural management and the globalization of UAE institutions in terms of strategy, marketing, leadership, human resource management, business operations, and IT.
1. The Center will develop at least ten case studies every year
2. The case study center will develop faculty staff’s skills in case writing and case-based teaching.
3. The center will support the vision and mission of SUC to build a knowledge-based society. 
4. The case study center will prepare and maintain a database of the MENA region / UAE-specific cases and share them with other institutions. 
5. The center will help in bridging the gap between industry and academia.
6. The center will provide consultations for local and regional organizations. 
1. Case Study Center will clarify the process of writing cases.
2. The center in collaboration with CAO will contact the corporations that have MoUs with SUC to allow academic staff members to visit them and write cases. 
3. The center will coordinate with all academic staff members to collect data and develop case studies. 
4. The written case studies will be analyzed and discussed before publishing them in journals or posting them on the website of SUC.
5. The center should be aware of all steps of preparing the case study. Steps include contacting the organization, visiting them, collecting data, writing the case, and sending the case to other academic staff members to make a review before submitting it to a journal or posting it on the website of SUC. 
6. The Center will not only develop case studies but will collaborate with various case study centers. The Center will identify and initiate GCC / MENA region-specific cases to support case-based teaching.
The cases will be discussed and reviewed in detail to maintain the worth of good work. Following are the tentative proposals for the Case Study Center at SUC.  
• Once the case study is written, the draft can be used in class and also shared with colleagues for review purposes.
• The faculty performance assessment (FES goals)  the basis of the case study publication will need review for the points to be enhanced.
• Case study publications should be rewarded as articles and according to the same classification as SCOPUS Q2.


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