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Research Strategy

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research strategy

STRATEGIC PLAN (2022-2027)

SUC assessed its five-year performance based on its research strategy concluding in the academic year 2021-2022. This assessment revealed significant advancements in research output and impact. Looking ahead, SUC is determined to achieve even more in the next five years by focusing on its Research & Scholarly Activity and Innovation Strategy for 2022-2027.

In the establishment of a knowledge-based economy, the UAE recognizes the importance of research and innovation. In its celebration of its 50 years journey, the UAE announced its endeavors towards transformative change for the next 50 years. To align with these goals, the Federal Ministry of Education has included Research & scholarly activity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship as one of the four pillars in higher education institution performance evaluation. Through the DRI, SUC aligns its research and innovation strategy to national development goals and Vision-2030 and the Ministry of Education Classification Framework and Vision, Mission, and Goals of the institution.

SUC framed its Research and Innovation Department Strategy 2022-2027 with an aim to develop resources and competency to increase the outcome and impact of research & scholarly activity, innovation and entrepreneurship to be among the top 15 higher education institutions in the UAE by the year 2027.


This strategy acknowledges the research & scholarly activity, innovation, entrepreneurial dynamic, competitive landscape and the role SUC can play at national, regional, and global levels. Research and scholarly engagement of faculty members and students, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities has become the focus of SUC, to achieve high-quality learning and employability. Consequently, SUC could achieve international accreditations, leading to its high rating and ranking at regional and international levels.


The Department of Research and Innovation (DRI) aspires to achieve superior research, innovation, and entrepreneurial outcomes and impacts. Equally, DRI strives to offer quality research service, facilities, and infrastructure, strives to create and sustain reliable and meaningful relationships with research partners and research collaborators, and advances research into commercial applications to achieve better outcome and impact. Accordingly, the recruitment, development and support to faculty members and high-quality researchers as per its strategy, will result in excellent differentiation for SUC in order to achieve its Strategic Goals.


DRI makes decisions on allocating its resources for research, innovation, patent, project, conference participation, case study development, patent, project, and knowledge updates through the strategic plan, and in the form of Research and Innovation Policy which is reviewed yearly.


This policy aims to achieve the following aspects in line with Research Goals and Objectives:

  • To identify key research fields, focusing on sustainability and innovation, through SUC 2023, the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and the UAE Vision 2023.
  • To improve the research and scholarship rankings of SUC on a national, regional, and international scale by attracting, retaining, and rewarding the research active academic staff.
  • To increase research cooperation through collaboration with other researchers, businesses, and government agencies.
  • To develop an environment that encourages research, intellectual activity, creative endeavors, and innovative thinking among academics, and undergraduates in all fields.
  • To identify the study fields crucial to academic institutions, universities, and the community in general.
  • To provide adequate resources for faculty research grants, professional development, and performance enhancement, and improve the volume and quality of externally sponsored research grants.
  • To attract the best and brightest local and international graduate students through scholarships and rewards.
  • To improve undergraduate programs to fulfil the needs of both local and regional markets.
  • To encourage, host and support competitions and research conferences.
  • To provide financial and non-financial incentives to faculty members for performing high-impact research.