Motorhomes 'missing' after rental firm collapsed

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People who lent a motorhome rental business money are facing big losses after it collapsed owing more than £7m. Unbeatable Hire Limited used the loans to buy more motorhomes, promising to give lenders all of their money back and returns of up to 10% a year. But many lenders are out of pocket after the company went into administration and numerous motorhomes were said to be missing. Its boss has denied doing anything deliberately wrong. Unbeatable Hire Limited made its money by renting motorhomes to holidaymakers. It traded under various names, including Motorholme, with depots across England and Scotland. People were invited to lend the company up to £36,000 a time, with each loan secured against an individual motorhome that would be bought with their money.

Source: Motorhomes 'missing' after rental firm collapsed - BBC News

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