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Course Descriptions

BSIT Course Descriptions

General Education

CIS1003 - Introduction to Information Technology - 3 Credits

The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of Data, Information Technology and their applications in transforming and securing businesses of 21st century. This is a basic course that provides the foundation and background needed in the field of information Technology, Computer Networks and Machine Learning. The course also gives students the right balance of technical information and real-world applications in the field of Information Technology by providing a functional understanding of the creation, operation, and maintenance of networks, and cybersecurity concepts.

Pre-requisite: None

Core Courses

BIT 1101 - Digital Logic - 3 Credits

Students will be introduced to the concepts of Digital logic and will be able to build and design logic gates applications. The students will also be exposed to the fundamentals of assembly language programs to write code for Integrated Circuits (ICs), breadboard and Transistor-Transistor Logic(TTL) circuits.

Pre-requisite: None

Enterprise Computing Concentration Courses

ECT3101 - Enterprise Systems - 3 Credits

This course introduces the functionality and implementation of Enterprise Systems within different organization settings. Components of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the integration issues are discussed and analyzed in detail. Topics covered include ERP architecture, business process re-engineering, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales management, accounting, warehouse management, transportation management, business analytics, and ERP maintenance. Case studies are included to have a better perspective of acquiring skills of using an enterprise application.

Pre-requisite: SWE3101