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Course Descriptions

BSCS Artificial Intelligence Course Descriptions

General Education

CIS1003 - Introduction to Information Technology - 3 Credits

The course is designed to provide students with an understanding of Data, Information Technology and their applications in transforming and securing businesses of 21st century. This is a basic course that provides the foundation and background needed in the field of information Technology, Computer Networks and Machine Learning. The course also gives students the right balance of technical information and real-world applications in the field of Information Technology by providing a functional understanding of the creation, operation, and maintenance of networks, and cybersecurity concepts.

Pre-requisite: None

Core Courses

SIT1001 - Digital Logic - 3 Credits

Students will be introduced to the concepts of number representation and arithmetic circuits and digital logic concepts. The students will gain skills of analyzing Boolean Algebra, Logic Expressions and Minimization Karnaughs maps to minimize functions and be able to build and design logic gates applications. The students will also study the Combinational-circuit building blocks of logic design such as Flip-Flops, registers, counters, Synchronous sequential circuits, Asynchronous sequential circuits and a simple processor and also testing of logic circuits. This course will be conducted in the Lab with hands on practical exercises and demonstration.

Pre-requisite: None

Artificial Intelligence Concentration Courses

AIT3102 - Machine Learning - 3 Credits

The course enables students to understand machine-learning concepts using Python. The course covers topics including single and multi-varied Regression models, and their applications in solving business problems. In addition, the course will cover the application of Binary classification models, Logistic Regression, k-NN, SVM, Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree Classification and Random Forest Classification for business intelligence. Other algorithms covered include k-Means Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering ML Association Models using Apriority Model. A 2-hour/week laboratory is included in the course delivery.

Pre-requisite: AIT3101 – Artificial Intelligence