Review Process

The submitted manuscripts are reviewed by the Editor-In-Chief and the Associate Editor to evaluate the quality and alignment of the submission as per the scope of SBJ. Normally, the preliminary evaluation takes place in seven to ten days. If found unfit or of low quality, the manuscript is returned to the author/s.

Once the manuscript receives Editorial approval, it is cross-checked for plagiarism using Turnitin software.  Plagiarized manuscripts are rejected and not considered for further review.

The plagiarism free manuscripts are considered to undergo a double blind peer review process. The reviewers are informed that the manuscripts submitted to them is the private property of the author/s and the reviewers are strictly not allowed to make copies of the manuscript for their own needs or for giving it to anyone. The reviewers are supposed to evaluate the manuscript as per the criteria prescribed in the REVIEW FORM that consists of ten parameters followed by comments and suggestions for the author/s. Depending on the reviews received, the manuscript may get accepted; accepted with minor revisions, accepted with major revisions or rejected. The review process will continue till the reviewers are convinced with the corrections made by the contributor/s.

The entire review process is performed in confidence. Following peer-review process, the proofs of accepted papers will be sent to the authors for final proof reading. Post acceptance of the manuscript, the author/s will be required to sign and submit the Conflict Of Interest Declaration and Author Agreement Form. Although an effort is made to expedite the process, sometimes due to prior engagement of the reviewers, the overall review process may take up-to two months.


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