ELC conducts short term courses like General English / Business English to students of ESP (English for specific purposes) and ESL( English for second language learners). The duration of these courses will range from one week to one month, based on the needs of the students.  All these courses will have periodical tests and final test after which the students are given proficiency certificates.  All these courses have well defined CDD (Course Definite Document), CDP (Course Delivery Package) with all course details, schedules, definite policies etc.

ELC administers placement tests of  English and Math (applicable as per CPD guidelines) for the students who register with The Center for Professional Department (CPD) at SUC for courses such as  CTH, IATA  or courses where it is deemed necessary to administer the tests to determine their proficiency levels in English language and Math. Further, ELC guides and directs the students to the relevant English courses, if needed.​​​​​​​​


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