Research Strategy

research strategy

STRATEGIC PLAN (2022-2027)

Skyline University College (SUC) places a high value on research and scholarship, and so places a high value on research and scholarship that has a positive impact on society. Research and intellectual contribution by teachers and students are one of the university's primary strategic goals. It is through the availability of adequate physical, fiscal, and human resources that SUC demonstrates its dedication to research and study as well as innovation and creative activities. As outlined in the following section, the research strategy of the institute fosters the production, integration, and application of knowledge through research and scholarship.

The Skyline University College(SUC), Sharjah, reviewed its five years performance of current research strategy ending the academic year 2021-22 with significant progress in its outputs and impact, and urge to achieve more in the next five years Research and Innovation Strategy 2022-27. As the UAE celebrating its remarkable 50 years journey “The Year of the 50th” and preparing for transformative change for the next 50 years, it has already recognized the importance of research and innovation to build a knowledge economy. The Federal Ministry of Education has incorporated 

Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship as one of the four pillars for assessing the performance of the higher education institution. SUC has established Research and Innovation department in the academic year 2021-22 and aligned its research and innovation strategy, not only to national development goals and Vision-2030 but also Ministry of Education Classification Framework and Vision, Mission, and Goals of the institution. This Research and Innovation Strategy-2022-27 of SUC aims to;

Develop resources and competency to increase the outcome and impact of research, innovation, and entrepreneurship to be among the top 10 higher education institutions in UAE by the year 2027.

This strategy acknowledges the research, innovation, and entrepreneurial, dynamic, and competitive landscape at a national, regional, and global level both in terms of needs and importance for a higher education institution. The scholarly engagement of faculty members and students of SUC in research, innovation, and entrepreneurial activities will not only help in high quality of learning and employability but will also help in achieving international accreditations, and improve its rating and ranking at regional and international levels.

This Research and Innovation Strategy of SUC aspires to substantially increase the quality and quantum both of its research, innovation, and entrepreneurial outcome and impact. The strategy proposes to recruit, develop and support faculty members and high-quality researchers; provide excellent training for faculty and students; prioritize quality research service, facilities, and infrastructure; create and maintain authentic and meaningful relationships with research partners and research collaborators, and advance research into commercial and wider applications to ensure maximum outcome and impact through recently established Research and Innovation department. The three goals of this strategy are;

  1. Develop resources and competency for quality research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  2. Establish Skyline Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Case Study Centers with significant outcomes and impact.
  3. Support funded projects, consultancy, collaboration, and networking with academic, research, and corporate organizations.

The Research & Scholarly Activities Committee (RSAC) receives directions from the strategic plan, which is core for the planning of the Research and development activities. The RSAC defines its direction and makes decisions on allocating its resources for research, innovation, patent, project, conference participation, case study development, patent, project, and knowledge updates through the strategic plan, which is being reviewed yearly. Our strategic plan included:

  • SUC 2023, the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and the UAE Vision 2023 all identify key research fields with an emphasis on sustainability and innovation.
  • Improve SUC's research and scholarship rankings on a national, regional, and international scale by attracting, retaining, and rewarding great professors who are actively engaged in research.
  • Promote research in all fields by improving SUC's research infrastructure and financing methods.
  • To increase cooperation in research, it is important to collaborate with other researchers, businesses, and government agencies.
  • Develop an environment that encourages research, intellectual activity, creative endeavors, and innovative thinking among academics, graduate students, and undergraduates in all fields.
  • Identify study fields that are important to academic institutions, universities, and the broader community.
  • Provide adequate resources for faculty research grants, professional development, and performance enhancement that are funded internally. The volume and quality of externally sponsored research grants should be improved as well.
  • To attract the best and brightest graduate students, both within and externally, we offer scholarships and rewards.
  • Graduate programs should be improved to meet the needs of the local and regional markets.
  • The establishment of research conferences and competitions should be encouraged and supported.
  • Faculty members should be provided both financial and non-financial incentives to carry out high-impact research.

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