A candidate who is seeking admission with a Bachelor’s Degree (3 years and above) obtained from a non-business discipline is required to undergo the MQP by taking the following seven courses.

MBA Qualifying Program

In case candidate has already completed any of the MQP courses in the Bachelor degree, he may be exempted from such courses provided an official transcript for evaluation at the time of admission is submitted by them. However, the decision for the exemption will be made jointly by the Program Coordinator and Dean upon carefully reviewing the course contents as per SUC TOC policy. The following are the courses required to complete the MQP so as to establish the required knowledge for a student is acquired before enrolling into the MBA program. 

FIA5001 Accounting Principles & Practice
ECO5002 Economics Principles & Practice
MAT5003 Fundamentals of Quantitative Methods
FIA5004 Principles of Finance
MGM5005 Principles of Management
MKT5006 Principles of Marketing
MGM5007 Operations Management


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All these courses are equivalent to 3 credit hours at BBA level. These credits cannot be used for replacing any of the MBA level courses as these will be treated non credit bearing courses and are only for the purpose of completing MQP and no transcript shall be issued. Most of these courses are offered at the SUC BBA program enabling the aspirants to pick up any of these courses during the regular semesters of the BBA program or opt for MQP schedule. If the number of students enrolled for MQP is few in number then they may be inducted into the BBA courses. If they are not currently offered at the BBA program, they will be exclusively planned and scheduled for MQP classes provided it is operationally viable.

With regard to the planning and scheduling of the MQP, typically a student with a non-business degree background will take minimum of one or maximum of two semesters to complete the program. However, hypothetically, a student who has studied in engineering discipline might have completed a course in quantitative methods and/or statistics and/or management. In this scenario, student may be exempted from the requirements of those courses at the MQP level; hence, a student of this scenario may be able to complete the MQP in one semester.​

A candidate who is seeking admission to graduate program with a recognized Bachelor’s degree and a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.0 to 2.49 on a 4.0 scale or its established equivalent, has to appear in maximum of nine graduate-level credit hours as remedial preparation for the graduate program. These remedial courses are not for credit within the degree program. The student must achieve a minimum CGPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, or its established equivalent in the following remedial courses in order to progress to the graduate program or be subject to dismissal.

The list of remedial courses are as follows:

HRM6010 Human Resource Management
QMD6020 Quantitative Methods For Decision Making
OPM6030 Operations Management


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