MBA Emphasis on E-Governance

MBA Emphasis on E-Governance provides an opportunity for the students to learn the theories, practices, and skills relating to E-Governance and take initiatives for exploring new dimensions of E-Governance.




In today’s technology driven and dynamic environment, government   organizations world over are moving towards E –Governance for Smart Governance.  Properly designed and implemented, E-Governance can improve efficiency in the delivery of government services and simplifies compliance of government regulations. This helps in strengthen citizen participation to use government services and builds trust in government.

This Emphasis provides an opportunity for the students to learn the theories, practices and skills relating to E-Governance and take initiatives for exploring new dimensions of E-Governance. E-Governance initiatives become functionally successful when they are complemented with understanding ethical, legal and technological issues relating to governance. All the initiatives of E-Governance need to be implemented within a time frame for the services to be effective for public and business users therefore a course on project management helps students in understanding the execution of the E-Governance initiatives.



  1. Develop an understanding of theories and practices of E-Governance
  2. Develop an understanding of cultural, ethical, legal & security issues relating to E-Governance
  3. Develop skills to identify, plan, implement and review the E-Governance initiatives for smart governance

Student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of theories and practices of E- Governance Initiatives
  2. Assess the user requirements in the context of technological, cultural, ethical and legal perspectives
  3. Analyze the strategies for planning and implementing E- Governance projects
  4. Evaluate strategies for optimal utilization of E-Governance initiatives


  1. Total credits required for graduation – 36
  2. 18 Months (1 year 6 months), Program Provided that the student meets the CGPA requirements.
  3. The program will run in the evening time 6:50 PM - 10:10 PM, three days a week.
  4. Weekend classes run between 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM on Friday and Saturday


At the end of duration of the program, students are awarded a Masters of Business Administration degree mentioning their area of specialization.


There are three admission intakes for the MBA program namely May, September and January each year



EGV7010 E - Governance Theory and Practice NONE CIS6001
EGV7111 Emerging Technologies for Smart Governance 3 CIS6001
EGV7112 E - Governance Project Management 3 CIS6001
EGV7113 Security, Ethical and Legal Issues of E-Governance 3 CIS6001
Total Credits required in E-Governance 9  

*Student needs to complete any three courses out of the four courses of the Emphasis areas​

MBA with Emphasis on E-Governance

The technological advances of today have been beneficial to different sectors and shifting towards forward-thinking governance is on trend. MBA with Emphasis on E-Governance introduces an opportunity for students to learn the emerging technologies for smart governance, project management, and the security, ethical, and legal issues that come with it.

Possible Careers:

Federal and State Governments
UNDP and Other Global Bodies
E-Learning Projects
E-Governance Projects
IT Advisory Bodies
ERP Managers
E-Governance Consultants
Project Manger
Program Officer



A.    Develop an understanding about the basic concepts and constructs of modern management theories and its applications
B.    Instill analytical thinking that enhances problem solving and decision making.
C.    Develop understanding of successful management techniques and practices


Student will be able to:
A.    Integrate knowledge in the fields of managerial economics, finance & accounting, human resource management, marketing management & business management systems for managing business operations
B. Assess ethical values and practices for conducting business
C. Analyze business problems and take strategic decisions
D.Evaluate business scenarios with help of appropriate tools and technique

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