UAE researcher helps discover new ant species

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Abu Dhabi, May 13 (IANS/WAM) A UAE researcher has contributed to the discovery of a new species of ant, according to a paper published in the Journal of Natural History.

The study, led by Mostafa R. Sharaf of the College of Food and Agriculture Sciences at Saudi Arabia's King Saud University, describes the ant species, whose scientific name is Lepisiota omanensis, as being remarkable because of "its exceptionally long, acute and strongly curved propodeal spines".

The paper describes the new species on the basis of five specimens, one of which was collected in Oman in 2012, two of which were collected in Ain Al Waal in UAE in 2014, and two in Oman in March this year.

The UAE researcher, Huw Roberts, from the Emirates University, said: "I have so far recorded well over 400 species of insects, most of which have been identified from specimens by specialists from around the world."

"This discovery shows that we still have much to learn about the wildlife and biodiversity of the UAE," he added.​

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