Dassault Systemes bets big on digital makeover of manufacturing

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Shanghai, Nov 5 (IANS) With the internet taking on an industrial dimension whereby new equipment and other technologies are transforming the way goods are produced, industrial innovation must integrate multiple digital concepts to revolutionise existing processes, top executives of 3D software major Dassault Systemes said here at an event.

Digital technology can drive the industrial (r)evolution 4.0 -- innovation programmes to reduce manufacturing costs, increase efficiencies and sustainability, inspire creativity and generate new business models, the French technology company demonstrated at its two-day "Manufacturing in the Age of Experience" event that concluded on Friday.

"Digital's most visible value is to increase productivity and competitiveness, but its true power is the imagination. Manufacturers that succeed will be those that will create a world which does not yet exist," said Pascal Daloz, Executive Vice President, Brands and Corporate Development, Dassault Systemes. 

"The digital factory is not only virtual, connected and automated, but is above all an execution system, where men's skills are turned to innovation, performance, quality and continuous change," Daloz said.

"The virtual becomes constitutive of the products themselves. As a consequence, the value is migrating to the cloud services where data are a strategic asset for the industry to reinvent itself," Daloz noted.

The event highlighted how the digital makeover of the manufacturing sector is essential for creating a dynamic, holistic and more sustainable production model that results in a better consumer experience.

Dassault Systemes provides "3DEXPERIENCE" universes for collaboration and innovation to implement innovative strategies in supply and demand.

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform features virtual design, simulation, manufacturing and collaboration applications in a digital environment that integrate products, processes and supply chains, and offer a federated view of a manufacturer's business in real time.

During the plenary session of the even, top brand leaders of the compnay gave presentations on virtualising the industry value chain 

Top officials from Airbus Helicopters, Doosan Infracore and Honda Motor also shared customer case stories on manufacturing transformation and success.

Dassault Systemes is focused on developing technologies and solutions that propel digital transformation in industries ranging from aerospace to life sciences.

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