China unveils its first unmanned aircraft

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Beijing, Nov 2 (IANS) Chinese aircraft manufacturer AVIC unveiled the country's first unmanned plane during the International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition held this week in Zhuhai, China.

The plane, which is capable of flying at high altitudes of more than 14,000 m, is designed for reconnaissance and attack missions, Efe news reported.

Named 'Cloud Shadow', the plane has a maximum speed of 620 kmph, a control system that allows a range of 290 km, and is available for export, according to defence experts.

Other noteworthy specifications include its autonomy of six hours, maximum load of 400 kg and compatibility with several air-to-surface missiles, bombs and other new weapons. 

The International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition offers a peek into the latest developments in China's civil and military airline industry.

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