UK car maker bets on green revolution

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Hydrogen-powered car manufacturer Riversimple is hoping to steal a march on competitors ahead of Britain’s promised “green revolution” that would see petrol-powered cars banned within 10 years. While conventional battery-powered electric cars may be a few miles ahead in the zero-emission vehicle race, the company is betting that nascent hydrogen technology will fuel the cars of the future. South Korea’s Hyundai claims to be the current world leader, selling 5,000 units of its Nexo model in 2019, followed by the Toyota Mira. Their sales are dwarfed by those of battery powered cars, of which there now around five million on the world’s roads. Riversimple is only an ambitious upstart compared with the Asian automotive giants, but is currently the only British manufacturer in the sector with its flagship model, the Rasa.Founder Hugo Spowers is keen to take on the industry’s big boys with his self-designed model, whose name derives from the Latin expression “tabula rasa,” which translates as “clean slate.”

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