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Brief Profile

Dr. Haitham Muhammad Musa Alzoubi has been in the academic field since 2002. He holds a PhD in Management. His research interests lie in the area of Operations Management, Quantitative Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource and Information Systems as well as E-Supply Chain Management ranging from theory to design and implementation. In recent years, he has focused on better techniques for analysis and artificial intelligence to support supply chain networks.

He has published around fifteen research papers and attended various conferences and academic committees as well. Haitham authored seven books and attended various training courses. Haitham has professional experience as Human Resources Consultant in big companies for the last six years.

  • Publications

    • Alzoubi, H., Ahmed, G., Al-Gasaymeh, A., & Kurdi, B. (2020). Empirical study on sustainable supply chain strategies and its impact on competitive priorities: The mediating role of supply chain collaboration. Management Science Letters10(3), 703-708.
    • Alzoubi, H., Alshurideh, M., Kurdi, B., & Inairat, M. (2020). Do perceived service value, quality, price fairness and service recovery shape customer satisfaction and delight? A practical study in the service telecommunication context. Uncertain Supply Chain Management8(3), 579-588.
    • Joghee, S., Alzoubi, H., Dubey, A. (2020). Decisions Effectiveness of FDI Investment Biases at Real Estate Industry: Empirical Evidence from Dubai Smart City Projects. International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research9(3), 1245-1258.
    • Alzoubi, H., Ahmed, G., Al-Gasaymeh, A., & Alkurdi, B. (2019). Empirical study on Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies and its impact on Competitive Priorities: The mediating role of Supply Chain Collaboration. Management Science Letter, 9(12), 76-86.
    • Al-Gasaymeh, A., Ahmed, G., Mehmood, T. & Alzoubi, H. (2019). Co-Integration Tests and the Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity: A Case Study of India and Pakistan Currencies. Theoretical Economics Letters, 9(4): 570-583.
    • Alzoubi, H., Abdo M., Al-Gasaymeh, A. & Alzoubi, A. (2019). An empirical study of e-Service quality and its impact on achieving a value added. Journal of Business and Retail Management Research (JBRMR), 13(4):138-145.
    • Alzoubi, H. & Ahmed, G. (2019). Do Total Quality Management (TQM) Practices Improve Organisational Success? A case study of electronics industry in the UAE. International Journal of Economics and Business Research, 17(4), 459-472.
    • Alzoubi, H. (2018). The Role of Intelligent Information System in e-Supply Chain Management Performance. International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought, 7 (2), 363–370.
    • Alzoubi, A., Al-Gasaymeh, A., & Alzoubi, H. (2018). The Impact of Changes in the Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information on the Quality of Investment Decisions: A Field Study in the Brokerage Offices. The Journal of Economic and Management Perspectives (JEMP), 12(4), 67-82.
    • Alnazer, N., Alnuaimi, M. & Alzoubi, H. (2017). Analyzing the Appropriate Cognitive Styles and its effect on Strategic Innovation in Jordanian Universities. International journal of business excellence, 13(1), 127-140.
    • Khafajy, N., Alzoubi, H. & Aljanabee, A. (2016). Analyzing the effect of knowledge management processes in the services’ quality in Iraqi commercial banks. International Review of Management and Business Research, 5(1), 302-314.
    • Alzoubi, H., Alnazer, N. & Alzoubi, A. (2016). Exploring the Impact of the use of Business Information systems BIS on the organizational performance effectiveness. International Journal of Business and Management Invention, 5(4), 48-55.
    • Alnuaimi, M., Alzoubi, H., Alzoubi, A. & AL-Shinewi, M. (2015). The Impact of Managers Efficiency on Quality of Strategic Decision-making under Crisis Management. European Journal of Business and Management, 7(26), 156-166.
    • Alrubaiee, L., Alzoubi, H., Hanandeh, R. & Ali, R. (2015). Investigating the Relationship between Knowledge Management Processes and Organizational Performance: The Mediating Effect of Organizational Innovation. International Review of Management and Business Research, 4(4), 977-997
    • Alzoubi, H. & Khafajy, N. (2015). The Impact of Business Process Management on Business Performance Superiority. International Journal of Business and Management Review, 3(2), 17-34.
    • Alzoubi, H., Mohammad, S. & Abu-salma, A. (2015). Evaluating Strategic Quality Management Dimensions Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and its Impact on Organizational Success. International Journal of Research in Management, 5(1), 137-150.
    • Mohammad, S., Abu-salma, A. & Alzoubi, H. (2015). American Muslims’ Perceptions Toward Transforming Islamic Banking System. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, 5(1), 1-16.
    • Alrubaiee, L., Alzoubi, H. & Abu-Alwafa, R. (2013). Exploring the Relationship between Quality Orientation, New Services Development and Organizational Performance. American Academic & Scholarly Research Journal, 5(3), 315-329.
    • Alzoubi, H. & Khafajy, N. (2011). Analyze the Impact of Managers Awareness of Environmental Uncertainty on Exploiting Strategic Competencies. Egyptian Journal for Commercial Studies, 34(2), 611-625.
    • Alzoubi, H. (2010). Applying Electronic Supply Chain Management Using Multi-Agent System: A Managerial Perspective. International Arab Journal of e-Technology, 1(3), 106-113.
    • Alnuaimi, M., Alzoubi, A. & Alzoubi, H. (2010). Propose a model for Performance Criteria and measuring its impact for Achieving Excellence. Association of Arab Universities Journal, 56(4), 920-941.

  • Conferences

    1. Alzoubi, H. (2020) Investigating the Mediating Role of Intelligent Information Systems IIS in the impact of the use of BLE Beacon Technology on Marketing Effectiveness: Empirical evidence from Retail Industry Dubai. 9th International Conference on Business and Economic Development (ICBED) 6-7th April 2020, New York, USA
    2. Alzoubi, H. (2019) Integrating BLE Beacon Technology with Intelligent Information Systems IIS for Operations’ Performance. International Conference On Digitization, 17-18th November 2019, UAE
    3. Alzoubi, H. (2018) The Role of Requirements Availability for Six Sigma Processes in the Cost of Poor Quality Reduction. 9th International Conference on Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE), 8th - 9th July 2019. University of Oxford, UK
    4. Alzoubi, H. (2018) Investigating the Relationship between Sustainable Supply Chain Strategies and Supply Chain Collaboration and its Impact on the Competitive Priorities: An Empirical study on Jordanian Pharmaceutical companies. 7th Research Symposium of the Society for the Global Business and Economic Development, 17-19th December 2018. UAE
    5. Alzoubi, H. (2017) The Role of Intelligent Information System in E-Supply Chain Management Performance. International Journal of Arts and Sciences' (IJAS) international conference , 10-13th July 2018. Munich, Germany.


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