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Dr. Anil Roy Dubey is an Associate Professor of Marketing at Skyline University College, UAE. He has been teaching in the MBA Program for more than six years and has taught Consumer Behavior, Supply Chain Management, International Marketing and International Business. He has also worked in Ethiopia as Senior Professor at Dilla University where he taught Marketing and International Business. He served as Senior Professor and Director at various institutions in India. Moreover, Dr. Anil has two decades of Pharmaceutical industry experience at various levels which enables him to expose his students to real-time marketing strategies and practices. He is an alumnus of IIM, Ahmedabad and member of the American Marketing Association and Academy of International Business.

  • Publications

    • Dubey, A. R. (2011). India’s Foreign trade: A study of emerging trends and patterns. Journal of Asian Business Management, 3(2), 265–283.
    • Dubey, A. R. (2011). Values in Higher Education System in India. Journal of Asian Business Management, 7(1), 93–108.
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    • Joghee, S., & Dubey, A. R. (2016). Brand Image and reflections: An empirical study in UAE with Car buyers of UAE nationals. International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management, 4(3), 401–414.
    • Dubey, A. R. (2018). A Study on E-Commerce Aspects Impacting Consumers’ Online Shopping Behavior in UAE. Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience.
    • Dubey, A. R. (2018). Study of factors of green loyalty in context of green products and services: Mediation evidences of green trust of customers of hotel chains in UAE. Journal of Asian Business Management, 10(2), 87–100.
    • Shanmugan, J., & Dubey, A. R. (2018). Performance Measurement in Entrepreneurial Marketing. The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning, 14(1), 78–84.
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    • Dubey, Anil (2019) Green Product Consumption Patterns in GCC: A Case of Lulu Hypermarket, UAE in Ahmed, Gouher,  Abidi, Naseem., Limbu, Y., Jayachandran, C. Cardinali, S. (Editors), 7th SGBED International Research Symposium on Managing Business in a Digital Age: Opportunities and Challenges, Le Meridien Dubai Hotel and Conference Centre, Dubai. Pp. 63-70. ISBN 13 978-0-9797659-4-0


  • Conferences

    • Dubey A.R., (2003), Intellectual Property Rights’, IPM, Meerut, India.
    • Dubey A.R., (2013), Antecedents of Educational Leadership: An Empirical Study in higher education, 3rd regional conference on educational leadership, Malaysia.
    • Dubey A.R., (2014), Challenges and strategies of attracting foreign direct investment in the UAE, IJAS Vienna, Austria.
    • Dubey A.R., (2016), Dynamic understanding of expat consumer’s decision making process:  An Empirical study focus on residential properties in UAE.EBSE, Turkey.
    • Dubey A.R., (2018), Green Product Consumption Patterns in GCC: An Exploratory Study of Lulu Hypermarket, SGBED, Dubai, UAE.
    • Dubey A.R., (2018), Understanding ethical challenges in entrepreneurial marketing: an UAE  perspective, IJAS, London, UK.

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