Dr. John Senior

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Dr. Senior has holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, MA (TESOL) from Middlesex University, PhD from Rhodes University and assessor’s qualification in English and English Second Language Teaching.  He has managed and taught in language and communications programs for the last 20 years at various universities around the world in positions including Program Leader, Department Head and Associate Dean. Dr. Senior’s research and publication interests are in the fields of English Literature and English second language learning; however, his current research is focused on mobile and e-learning.  Recent accomplishments include presenting the keynote address for the 28th International Conference on Teaching, Education and Learning.

His area of specialization are English and ESL.

  • Publications

    • Senior, J. Upadhya, A., Vij, M. (2020).  "An Early Snapshot of Emergency Remote Teaching via Microsoft Teams During the COVID-19 Lockdown: Student Feedback from a Mid-sized College", Interactive Technology and Smart Education. (Submitted)
    • Senior, J. (2019) "Mobile Translation Apps. and Second Language Teaching; What do Students think?" https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome/9102207/proceeding
    • Upadhya, A., Agha, K., Vij, M., Senior, J. (2020).  "Role of Destination Management Organization (DMO) in empowering women through training – case of Sharjah tourism"

  • Conferences


    • International Conference on Bilingualism and Bilingual Education.  American Univ. of Sharjah, U.A.E. Dec. 2009. Designing Multi-lingual Self-study e-Learning Course Support Materials: A Study of Experiential Teaching Practices among Non-Mother-Tongue English Speakers at a University in South Africa.
    • 3rd Annual University Teaching and Learning Conference. University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, Oct. 2009.   Can linguistic/cultural academic barriers for non-English home language students be successfully navigated by students through an integrated multi-lingual e-learning platform?

    • Sixteenth International Conference on Learning, University of Barcelona,  June, 2009. A study of experimental teaching practices among non-mother-tongue English speakers at a university in South Africa
    • 15th International Conference on Learning, University of Chicago, June 2008. In whose Languages should we Teach?: A Comparison of Historically Disadvantaged Student English and Home Language Capabilities at a South African University.

    • Second Literature & Ecology Colloquium, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, September 2005.  The Continuity of the Spirit Among all Living Things in the Philosophy and Literature of Henry Rider Haggard.

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