Dr. Taleb Bilal Eli

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Dr. Taleb Bilal Eli is a lecturer in general education at Skyline University College. Dr. Taleb earned his PhD in English language and literature with an emphasis on literary and cultural studies. Previously, Dr. Taleb has taught a number of courses in both the UAE and Morocco. Among the courses he taught are: English Composition, Business English, Islamic Culture, and Introduction to Human Sciences, Critical Thinking and Business Communication, Readings in Culture, and Cyber-culture and Globalization. Apart from his teaching experience, Dr. Taleb has participated in many local and international conferences. One of the recent talks he gave was entitled: “Remembering Ibn Khaldun Notion of Assabiya,” which was held in Istanbul, Turkey. Furthermore, Dr. Taleb is a published author. His most recent article is entitled: Promoting Students` Autonomy through Milada Broukal`s Strategies of Learning.

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