Dr. Robinson Joseph

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Educational Background

 Dr. Robinson Joseph, holds Master of Commerce, Master of Public Administration, Master of Sociology, Master of Business Administration, Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Commerce (Finance) from reputed universities in India. I also hold a Bachelor of Theology degree from Lateran University, Roma, Italia. He has an excellent academic record with university ranking.

Work Experience

He has 34 years of work experience in Schools and Colleges, and Universities as educator, researcher, and academic administrator. He has teaching and research experience at School and universities in India and UAE.

Academic and Research Interest

Dr. Robinson Joseph has published research papers in reputed refereed international journals and is External Panelist of leading universities from India for doctoral research work.  His teaching and research interest areas include Finance, Accounting and Taxation.  



  • First Rank in the Public Administration Examination, Kerala University, 2001
  • Publications

    • Fernandez, M., Almaazmi, M. M., & Joseph, R. (2020). Foreign Direct Investment in Indonesia: An Analysis from Investors Perspective. International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 10(5), 102-112.
    • Fernandez, M., Shubaisi, A. M. A., & Joseph, R. (2020). Examination of potentialities of Vietnam as FDI destination. Journal of Economics and Business, 3(3).
    • Fernandez, M., & Joseph, R. (2019). UAE THE MOST ATTRACTIVE FDI DESTINATION IN THE MIDDLE EAST: A STUDY ON HOW UAE IS SUSTAINING THE STATUS. In The 7th International Research Symposium of the SGBED.
    • Kumar, R, B., Fernandez, M., & Joseph, R. (2018) Wealth Effects of Corporate Event: An Empirical Analysis: Journal of Adv. Research in Dynamical & Control Systems, Vol. 10, 04-Special Issue.
    • Viswanathan, B., Joseph, R., Hamadi, F. (2017) A study on the accounting system and practices of UAE Hospitality Industry: A case study on Hilton Hotel RAK UAE: The International Journal Of Business & Management: July, 2017, Vol 5 Issue 7.
    • Joseph, R., & Fernandez, M. (2016). Growth of Stock Market in the UAE through Merger: A Comparative Study of GCC Stock Markets. Accounting and Finance Research5(3), 190.
    • Bharathan, V., Joseph, R., & Thomas, P.(2016) A Study on Factors Influencing UAE Expatriate Investors’ Perception towards Investments. IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 18, Issue 4 .Ver. IV
    • Fernandez, M., & Joseph, R. (2016). UAE the Attractive FDI Destination in the Middle East. International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, (153).
    • Fernandez, M., & Joseph, R. (2016). Qatar emerging as the most attractive FDI destination in the GCC. International Journal of Economics and Finance8(11), 175-192.


    • Fernandez, M., & Joseph, R. (2020). Case Study on Financial Statement Analysis of RAK Ceramics: Case Center 120-0059-1.
    • Fernandez, M., & Joseph, R. (2020). Exercise on Time Value of Money: Estimation Made Simple: Case Center 119-0098-1B
  • Conferences

    1. Presented a paper in the 4TH International Conference On Management, Business, Economics, social sciences And Humanities Research, DATES: 23 – 24 Jul, 2015,  Istanbul , Turkey (Growth of Stock Market in the UAE through Merger: A Comparative Study of GCC Stock Markets)
    2. Presented a paper in 14th International Conference of Society for Global Business and Economic Development (SGBED) held in Montclair, New Jersey, USA on June 24th 2016 (Global Connectivity, Knowledge and Innovation for Sustainability and Growth: New Paradigms of Theory and Practice)

    3.  Presented TWO papers in the 4th International Conference on Business and Management, FIN-TECH

           Driven Age 26-27 March 2017, Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE 

      1. (Activity- Based Costing in Manage Effective Cost Allocation of Support Function in A University)
      2. (An Empirical Study on Pros and Cons of Shopping For Books in Bookstores vs. Online)
    4. Presented TWO paper in the SGBED International Research Symposium at Le Meridian Conference Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirate. December 17-19, 2018.

      1. (UAE the Most Attractive FDI Destination in the Middle East: A study on How UAE is sustaining the Status)
      1. (Wealth Effects of Corporate Event: An Empirical Analysis)
    5. Presented a per in ICD Conference, at SUC, Sharjah, UAE 2019 (Impact of Value Added Tax on in Financial Economics of UAE.)

    6. Presented a paper in International Conference on Management, Economics and Social Science (ICMESS) held in Goa, India on 31st December 2019 (Diagnosis of the FDI landscape in India)

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