Dr. Osama Ali Thawabeh

Associate Professor, Dean – Student Affairs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educational Background

  • Bachelor in Science
  • Masters in Physics
  • PhD in Physics  

Work Experience

  • 20  years of teaching and research  

Certifications and other info relevant to teaching and research

  • Osama was honored with the Best Faculty Award for the AY 2007-2008
  • He was also awarded the best Associate Faculty Award – Hamdan Bin Mohammad Smart University  (HBMSU) in 2013-2014
  • Publications

    • Thawabeh, O. A. (n.d.). Radiation characteristics of an electrically think right isosceles triangular Microstrip antenna. Antennas on propagation, (Communicated).
    • Thawabeh, O. A. (n.d.). Effect of warm plasa on the radiation properties of linear array of equilateral triangular Microstrip antenna . Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics, (Communicated).
    • Thawabeh, O. A. (2002). 1. Effect of Generation of Electroacoustic Waves on the Radiation Properties of an Equilateral Triangular Patch Microstrip Antenna in Plasma. IE (I) Journal, Vol 82.
    • Thawabeh, O. A. (2000). Radiations from a Microstrip traveling wave antenna through loss less warm plasma medium. Indian Journal of Physics , Vol.74 b (3), pp. 225-228.
    • Thawabeh, O. A. (1998). Computer aided design and testing of rectangular patch Microstrip Antenna in Different Environmental Conditions . Recent Development on Microwave .
    • Thawabeh, O. A. (n.d.). Effect of generation of electro acoustic waves on the radiation properties of equilateral triangular patch Micro antenna in plasma medium. Journal of Institutional Physics.

  • Conferences


    • Ahmed, Gouher; Thawabeh, O., Khanfar, M. (2017). ‘New Perspectives in Management Science’ International Conference of Business and Management – Fin-Tech Driven Age, Sharjah, Skyline University College, Sharjah, UAE, March 26-27.   Contribution: Chair & Paper Presentation



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