Dr. Mohit Vij

Associate Professor This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educational Background:

  • Bachelor in Science
  • Masters of Tourism Management
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • PhD

Work Experience:

  • 21 years of industry research and teaching

Certifications and other info relevant to teaching and research:

  • Mohit Vij has made significant contributions in tourism academia through publishing in journals and books, national newspapers and trade magazines.
  • He is an Associate Editor of Skyline Business Journal
  • He has also been actively involved in tourism consultancy and training projects for UAE Destination Management Organizations (DMOs) such as SCTDA (Sharjah Commerce and Tourism Development Authority), RAKTDA (Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority) and ATDD (Ajman Tourism Development Department)
  • His areas of interest are tourism marketing, innovation and sustainable tourism development.
  • He was honored with Award for Excellence in Teaching 2017–18 & 2011–12 and Award for Excellence in Services 2014–15
  • Publications

    • Upadhya, A., Kumar, M., & Vij, M. (2020). Buddhist pilgrimage in Bihar India: a tourism policy perspective. International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, 8(3).
    • Sharma, D., Sabharwal, M., Goyal, V., & Vij, M. (2020). Sentiment Analysis Techniques for Social Media Data: A Review. In First International Conference on Sustainable Technologies for Computational Intelligence(pp. 75-90). Springer, Singapore.
    • Dreisbach, S. M., Vij, M., & Dreisbach, J. L. (2020). Travel Motivations of Cancer Patients. In Global Developments in Healthcare and Medical Tourism(pp. 78-95). IGI Global.
    • Vij, M. Upadhya, A.; Vij, A., & Kumar, M (2019). Exploring Residents’ Perceptions of Mega Event-Dubai Expo 2020: A Pre-Event Perspective. Sustainability, 11, 1-17 (SCOPUS Q2)
    • Upadhya, A., Vij, M. (2017). Creative tourist experience: role of destination management organizations. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2016-0.ch014. In book: Driving tourism through creative destinations and activities, Edition: 2017, chapter: 14, IGI Global. (SCOPUS)
    • Vij, M., Verma, A. (2016). The rise of Fujairah: an emerging destination of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). International Journal of Excellence in Tourism, Hospitality & Catering, Vol. 7, Issue 1& 2.
    • Saji, B., Vij M., Kabiraj S. (2015). Selection of tourism destination as a representation of human values. Business Perspectives and Research, 3(2) 95–108. SAGE.
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    • Vij, M. (2006). Eco Tourists visiting India – an exploratory study of their characteristics, behaviors and attitudes. Tourism Development Journal, No.4, 2006.
    • Vij, M. (2006). Exploring relationships between tourists and their choice of information sources. - A case study of Goa and Kerala. Journal of Hospitality Application & Research, Vol.1, No.2.
    • Vij, M. (2005). Role of media, cinema, & professional bodies in tourism marketing in book published by Dept. of Tourism & Hotel Management, Kurukshetra University.
  • Conferences

    1. Vij, M. (2019, November 18-19). Scope of online platforms in tourism. The past, present and the future. Paper presented at International Conference on Digitization. Sharjah, UAE.
    2. Vij, M., & Khatib, R. E. (2018, December 17-19). Glocalization and tourism in the digital era. Paper presented at 7th SGBED Research Symposium of the Society for Global Business & Economic Development, Dubai, UAE.
    3. Vij, M. (2018, February 23-24). Role of advertising in destination promotion. Paper presented at International Conference on Media and Communication. Amman, Jordan.
    4. Vij, M. (2017, June 5-7). Residents’ perceptions towards a mega event - a case of Dubai world expo 2020. Paper presented at 3rd Global Tourism and Hospitality Conference, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong.
    5. Vij, M. (2017, March 26 - 27). Financial decisional analysis with reference to medical tourism: an empirical study. Paper presented at 4th International Conference in Business & Management at Skyline University College, UAE.
    6. Vij, M. (2015, January 4 – 5). Mitigating tourism environmental impacts through industrial sciences-a case of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Paper presented at 2nd International Conference on Information Management and Industrial Engineering organized by ICII, Los Angeles, USA.
    7. Vij, M. (2014, April 21-23). Carbon management in tourism and hospitality – a case of UAE. Paper presented at 13th Scientific Annual International Conference for Business – Crisis Management in a changing world organized by Al-Zaytoonah University, Amman, Jordan.
    8. Vij, M. (2013, March 11-12). Kalba ecotourism – prospects and challenges. Paper presented at International Conference on Eco and Sustainable Tourism, Madurai, India.
    9. Vij, M. (2013, February 5-6). A study on marine tourism potential and limitations. Paper presented at International Conference (Dubai Convention) organized by Commerce and Management Association of India, Dubai, UAE.
    10. Vij, M. (2013, February 5-6). Sharjah – an emerging international tourist destination. Paper presented at International Conference (Dubai Convention) organized by Commerce and Management Association of India, Dubai, UAE.


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