The Gifted Boss Revised Edition

Book Name : The Gifted Boss Revised Edition_x000D_
How to Find, Create and Keep Great Employees

By by Dale Dauten

Sub Title : How to Find, Create and Keep Great Employees

Written by : by Dale Dauten

Subject Category : Business

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Want freedom from management, mediocrity and morons? Ever wonder what the best bosses know that you don't? Do you want to have great employees, people who don't need to be managed and who make everyone around them work harder and raise the department to a higher standard? The Gifted Boss is management guru Dale Dauten's classic—yet revolutionary—guidebook on teaching managers how to spot and court talent and how to give great employees what they want and need. This is a comprehensive system full of valuable insight and lessons aimed at creating the best work environment for the best people. Throughout The Gifted Boss, Dale Dauten defines his different breed of leader as one who is able to shape a business environment and culture that is a magnet for self-motivated employees. Dauten's starting point is a powerful fact about hiring great employees: the best ones are almost never in the job market. His system also includes a discussion of "ideal turnover" and how the great managers employ "the secret skill" of "de-hiring" to gracefully move mediocre employees up or out. Throughout his discussions, Dauten incorporates priceless knowledge gained from an exhaustive search for America's best bosses. The wisdom he acquired was startling, and it pertained to every type of organization: "Different isn't always better, but better is always different." The Gifted Boss has already earned itself a cult following. Now, based on conversations with hundreds of readers, Dauten has revised his work by adding a quick-start guide to help his audience get fast results and a discussion guide to help executives share the book with their teams. Though new technology continues to bring new changes to communication in the workplace, The Gifted Boss still remains the essential guide to maneuvering the tricky world of managing the modern employee. It belongs on every businessperson's desk. HarperCollins; May 2011 ISBN 9780062103994 Read online, or download in secure EPUB format Title: The Gifted Boss Revised Edition Author: Dale Dauten Imprint: HarperCollins e-books Subject categories Business > Management Business > Management Science ISBNs 9780062059536 9780062103994

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