Executive Council

Skyline University Executive Council


The Executive Council (EC) of SUC is responsible for the implementation of the vision, mission, goals and strategies of the institution that are approved by the board. The Executive Council ensures the progress of SUC in reaching its vision, mission, and goals, as well as in evaluating its strategies, Institutional Effectiveness System, and planning and closing activities. The EC also represents SUC’s governing body.


  1. To ensure the achievement of the Mission and Vision of the institution under the strategic direction of the BOG
  2. To review and approve the organizational development strategies
  3. To appoint and remove members of the AAC following the organizational structure
  4. To evaluate the performance of the AAC members
  5. To report the progress of the SUC to the board
  6. To review the institutional planning and closing
  7. To review and approve new policies and changes in the existing policy
  8. To review the Institutional Effectiveness System and take decisions


Mr. Nitin Anand Vice Chairman and Chair of the Executive Council
Dr. Mohammad Hasan Saleh Inairat Vice Chancellor
Dr. Osama Thawabeh Dean – Student Affairs

Main campus

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