Board of Governors



The Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing the institutional overall performance and determining the Strategic goals, objectives & direction of the institution. The Board is responsible for approving and periodically reviewing the Vision, Mission statements and Strategic Plan. Herein all persons associated with the institution must faithfully subscribe to the Vision and Mission. The board should insist that alternative strategies and plans be considered and that considerations be given to regional and societal changes that impact the institution. The Board of Governors’ mandate is to govern the institution by establishing appropriate governance structures, which enables SUC achieve the educational effectiveness, academic excellence and appropriate financial stability of the institution. The Board of governors consists of nine members which includes the Founder President of SUC as the Chair and one member of the Board as the convener of the BOG who is also appointed as the Chair of Executive Council. The board is also responsible for the appointment of the Executive Council (EC) which includes the convener of the Board of Governors as Chair of the Executive Council (COEC), the Dean and one nominated AAC member.


  • To establish suitable governance, structures for the University
  • To ensure SUC achieves its vision, mission and financial stability
  • To appoint or remove the members of the Executive Council
  • To appoint or remove board of governing members
  • To review and approve strategic plans of the institution
  • To review and approve budgets to facilitate institutional effectiveness and academic excellence
  • To review the risk management plan and audited financial statements


Founder President & Chairman of the Board, Skyline University College & UAE – Ex-officio
Managing Director, Al-Ashram Group & UAE – Ex-officio
Chair of Executive Council, Skyline University College & UAE – Ex-officio
Chairman, Al Hawajer Holding; Ex-Chairman, Civil Aviation Department, Sharjah; UAE – Ex-Officio
Chairman, Sharjah Investment & Development Authority (SHUROOQ), Sharjah, UAE
Director, Al Rewaq Cultural & Charity Association
Principal, Al Shola Private School, Sharjah
Chairman of Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA)
Chairman of ITL-Cosmos Group
Chairman, Sharjah Airport Authority

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