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Tips to Handle Exam Stress

Tips to Handle Exam Stress
SUC Student :  Adnan

  • It's that time of the semester again! Exams are looming over your head and you're not sure whether you can cope with the pressure. So sit back, relax and take 10 minutes out of your social media-dominated life to read this article.

  • 1. Try to Avoid Social Media:
  • This will be a tough one for most of you as you can barely go two minutes without checking your Instagram or uploading a snap, but it'll do wonders for your stress levels. Checking your Facebook during revision is not going to help, you tell yourself that you'll just scroll through the newsfeed for five minutes, which ends up being an hour.

  • 2. Don't Forget to Breathe:
  • The quickest and most effective way to reduce stress and anxiety is to close your eyes and take several long, slow deep breathes. Give yourself a mental pep talk by repeating "I am calm" or "I know I'll do fine" (talking to yourself isn't weird; it's actually really healthy).

  • 3. Speak to Your Professors:
  • If you have doubts or you're second guessing yourself on some topics, don't hesitate to ask your professors for help. It's always better to ask a professor rather than your friends, as there might be a possibility that your friends aren't too well versed on the topic. Plus, you don't want to take any risk during finals.

  • 4. Take Breaks:
  • Take a small break as soon as your mind is losing concentration, but don't get too distracted. Use this time to get something to drink, eat or listen to music that calms you down. Avoid junk food as it will bring a sudden burst of energy and then fall away quickly leaving you feeling worn-out.

  • 5. Prioritise Your Time:
  • Prioritising your time, subjects and workload will help reduce your stress levels as you'll be able to ensure that the really important stuff is covered. As you progress through your revision, tick off topics that you've completed — this will give you a small sense of achievement, knowing that you've finished something and are making you're way to the finish line.

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