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Information Technology vs. Information Systems

Most people consider IS and IT to be almost the same, but the truth, information is like a universal set while information technology is a subset of the universal set. So people confusing them for each other could cause a chaos for those interested in having a career in technology-related path. It is true that the two courses involve the use of a computer, but they are quite different which does not require the same education and training. 

Information Technology
IT, though falls under information science (IT), deals with the technology involved in information science. Hence, information technology can be explained as the design, study, implementation, management, or support of information systems based on computer.
Generally, information technology includes software, hardware, networks, and database. It also mostly oversees the processing, acquisition dissemination of digitized data or information, and storage gathered through telecommunications and computing. IT focuses on being in charge of technology and making use of it to better the goals of the business.
In order to have a career in information technology, a degree in either information science or computer science is often required. Degree in these courses can also offer future jobs in areas such as network or database administration, cybersecurity, enterprise resource planning or business intelligence, infrastructure management, software development, and computer programming.

The following are the list of courses that lead to a degree program under information technology;
• Mathematics
• Computer Science and Forensics
• Database Design
• Programming Languages

Information technology and Information systems are two lovely courses that offer different job options and long-term career growth. Merely looking at this two courses, they are similar, so a student that wants a career related to technology should understand the difference so as to choose the best that matches his desires and skills for a successful career.

Information Systems
IS happens to be the cover term for the system, people and steps assembled to create, manipulate, store, distribute and disseminate information. Information systems courses are the connection that joins computer science and business together. One of the reasons people find it difficult to differentiate between IT and Information science is that conclude that all IS courses are based on computer systems. Meanwhile, an information system could be as simple as ABC, which ABC as tools, but when combined together can form a powerful recoding information. Truth be told, IS rely heavily on computers and other tools based on technology, but predate computers can involve non-technological systems.

Information system degrees course includes the following;
• Information Theory
• Social Science
• Foundations of Management
• Information Technology
Information system careers can include various fields such as analytics and programming, actuarial science, computer security, communications, and auditing

The Bottom Line
Deciding the career you want under computer related courses can be pretty tough, but it's easier when you highlight the details of each information technology and information systems, with the details, you can be sure of the one that is compatible with you. So having enough information will help you decide the best career path that is suitable for you.

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